Amazon patents granted on 20 May 2014

13 US patents granted on 20 May 2014 and assigned to Amazon

1 D705,420 Airflow adapter assembly
2 8,732,682 Systems and methods for detecting and tolerating atomicity violations between concurrent code blocks
3 8,732,528 Measuring test effects using adjusted outlier data
4 8,732,517 System and method for performing replica copying using a physical copy mechanism
5 8,732,309 Request routing utilizing cost information
6 8,732,166 Providing dynamically-generated bookmarks or other objects which encourage users to interact with a service
7 8,732,118 Distributed performance of data aggregation operations
8 8,732,089 Authentication using a transaction history
9 8,732,075 System and method for personalized commands
10 8,732,040 Target inventory determination based on hosted merchants presence
11 8,732,039 Allocating regional inventory to reduce out-of-stock costs
12 8,731,708 Method and apparatus for multi-destination item selection using motes
13 8,731,297 Processing a digital image of content to remove border artifacts