Canon patent applications published on 02 March 2006

93 US patent applications published on 02 March 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 20060048108 Software termination method
2 20060048069 Display apparatus and method for displaying screen where dragging and dropping of object can be executed and program stored in computer-readable storage medium
3 20060048043 Document management server
4 20060048019 Image input/output device, information processing method, storage medium stored with program readable by computer, and program
5 20060047985 Data storage apparatus and control method thereof
6 20060047966 Data-processing system and method for controlling same, computer program, and computer-readable recording medium
7 20060047853 Network device management system, control method therefor, network device, management apparatus, methods carried out thereby, and programs for implementing the methods
8 20060047788 Information processing device, information processing method, and program
9 20060047647 Method and apparatus for retrieving data
10 20060047514 Method and apparatus for synthesizing speech
11 20060047015 Block polymer, polymer-containing composition containing the same, ink composition and liquid applying method and liquid applying apparatus utilizing the polymer-containing composition
12 20060046691 Information processing device for authentication processing, information processing method, and control program for executing the method
13 20060046601 Method of manufacturing image display device
14 20060046515 Micelle-containing composition, thin film thereof, and method for producing the thin film
15 20060046474 Forming method of stacking structure and manufacturing method of electron source and image display apparatus using such method
16 20060046319 Ferroelectric member element structure, method for manufacturing ferroelectric member element structure and method for manufacturing liquid jet head
17 20060046208 Film pattern producing method, and producing method for electronic device, electron-emitting device and electron source substrate utilizing the same
18 20060046162 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
19 20060045961 Method of manufacturing electroconductive member pattern, and methods of manufacturing electron source and image displaying apparatus each using the same
20 20060045960 Method for producing electroconductive pattern, and method for producing electronic device, electron emitting device and image forming apparatus
21 20060045593 Cleaning apparatus
22 20060045589 Image fixing apparatus
23 20060045580 Image forming apparatus
24 20060045574 Developing apparatus
25 20060045573 Developing device, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image-forming apparatus
26 20060045566 Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
27 20060045565 Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
28 20060045547 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
29 20060045506 Solid-state image sensor and automatic-focus camera using the same
30 20060045488 Recording apparatus
31 20060045369 Data transform method and apparatus
32 20060045362 Image encoding apparatus and method, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium
33 20060044636 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and storage medium
34 20060044632 Image scanner
35 20060044627 Solid state image device and camera using it
36 20060044615 Layout adjustment method, apparatus and program for the same
37 20060044613 Image data management apparatus, and method, program and storage medium therefor
38 20060044610 Server printing apparatus and its control method, and computer program
39 20060044609 Data communication apparatus, data communication method, data communication program, and storage medium storing the program
40 20060044608 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and system
41 20060044607 Document providing system and document management server
42 20060044606 Output processing apparatus, output processing method and program therefor
43 20060044601 Data processing method for information processing system, information processing system, storage medium, and program
44 20060044593 Printing method, print system, print control apparatus, and program
45 20060044592 Image processing apparatus and control method therefor
46 20060044591 Warning system and warning method
47 20060044587 Control method for apparatus capable of using macros describing operation sequence
48 20060044586 Information processing apparatus and method of controlling same, print control appratus, method and program, and storage medium
49 20060044585 Management system, management apparatus, and its control method
50 20060044580 Image forming apparatus with key macro function, control method for the same, control program for implementing the method, and storage medium storing the program
51 20060044574 Recording apparatus and method
52 20060044569 Apparatus for measuring optical properties of tested optical system using interference
53 20060044537 Stage alignment apparatus and its control method, exposure apparatus, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
54 20060044516 Image display apparatus
55 20060044500 Organic thin film, method of producing the same, and field effect transistor using the same
56 20060044470 Image pickup apparatus, control method therefor, and control program for implementing the control method
57 20060044456 Zoom lens system and camera using the same
58 20060044443 Image-capture apparatus including light-guiding element having inclined surface
59 20060044439 Image pickup device and image pickup system
60 20060044434 Image pickup apparatus and image pickup system
61 20060044424 Image signal processing apparatus, image signal processing method and camera using the image signal processing apparatus
62 20060044422 Image capture apparatus and control method therefor
63 20060044416 Image file management apparatus and method, program, and storage medium
64 20060044395 Image supply device, recording system, and recording control method
65 20060044380 Printing apparatus and conveyance amount correction method for the same
66 20060044371 Ink container for ink jet printer, holder for the container, carriage for the holder and ink jet printer
67 20060044353 Liquid discharge head and method of manufacturing the same
68 20060044350 Recording head and recording apparatus
69 20060044342 Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
70 20060044338 Ink jet printing method and ink jet printing system
71 20060044334 Adjustment method of printing positions, a printing apparatus and a printing system
72 20060044333 Print apparatus and printing method
73 20060044327 Image processing method and image processing apparatus
74 20060044315 Image processing apparatus and control method
75 20060044308 Surface selecting method and information processing apparatus
76 20060044297 Image display apparatus
77 20060044163 Image reproduction apparatus, control method thereof, program and storage medium
78 20060043871 Image display apparatus
79 20060043870 Image display apparatus
80 20060043866 Image display apparatus
81 20060043865 Image display apparatus
82 20060043845 Vibration type driving apparatus
83 20060043800 Motor
84 20060043799 Linear motor and exposure apparatus having the same
85 20060043442 Photoelectric conversion device, method for manufacturing the same and image pickup system
86 20060043440 Imaging device and imaging system
87 20060043439 Image pickup device and camera
88 20060043410 Light-emitting device and production method thereof
89 20060043393 Image pickup apparatus and image pickup system
90 20060043263 Shift register, and solid state image sensor and camera using shift register
91 20060043261 Solid state image pickup device and image pickup system comprising it
92 20060042748 Manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus of envelope
93 20060042316 Method of manufacturing hermetically sealed container and image display apparatus