Apple patents granted on 02 December 2014

32 US patents granted on 02 December 2014 and assigned to Apple

1 D718,783 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
2 D718,767 Housing for an electronic device
3 D718,753 Component for an electronic device
4 8,904,453 Systems and methods for seamlessly switching between media streams
5 8,904,284 Object placeholders in electronic documents
6 8,904,281 Method and system for managing multi-user user-selectable elements
7 8,904,248 Noise rejection for built-in self-test with loopback
8 8,904,245 Using a variable timer for sending an error indication
9 8,904,073 Coherence processing with error checking
10 8,904,066 Using a plurality of buffers to provide audio for synchronized playback to multiple audio devices having separate device clocks
11 8,904,052 Combined input port
12 8,903,875 Method for identifying corresponding directories in a union-mounted file system
13 8,903,855 Profiling method and system
14 8,903,716 Personalized vocabulary for digital assistant
15 8,903,672 Methods for calibration of radio-frequency path loss in radio-frequency test equipment
16 8,903,519 Protective mechanism for an electronic device
17 8,903,447 Channel sounding techniques for a wireless communication system
18 8,903,414 Location estimation using a probability density function
19 8,903,374 System for calibrating wireless communications devices
20 8,903,368 Techniques for database updates
21 8,903,326 Simultaneous downlink testing for multiple devices in radio-frequency test systems
22 8,903,108 Near-field null and beamforming
23 8,902,998 Receiver for near-field chip-to-chip multichannel transmission
24 8,902,986 Look-ahead system and method for pan and zoom detection in video sequences
25 8,902,951 Methods and systems for OFDM using code division multiplexing
26 8,902,851 Support for continuity of single radio voice call communications in a transition to a circuit switched communications network
27 8,902,727 OFDM system and method employing OFDM symbols with known or information-containing prefixes
28 8,902,352 Lens barrel mechanical interference prevention measures for camera module voice coil motor design
29 8,902,335 Image blending operations
30 8,902,246 Color correction for wide gamut systems
31 8,902,175 Contact tracking and identification module for touch sensing
32 8,901,406 Selecting audio samples based on excitation state