Apple patents granted on 02 March 2010

16 US patents granted on 02 March 2010 and assigned to Apple

1 D611,045 Portable computer
2 D611,044 Electronic device
3 D611,043 Portable computer
4 7,673,238 Portable media device with video acceleration capabilities
5 7,673,127 Method and apparatus for enabling a computer system by loading and executing an updated hardware specific boot routine to modify the operating system
6 7,673,083 Method and system for controlling video selection and playback in a portable media player
7 7,672,968 Displaying a tooltip associated with a concurrently displayed database object
8 7,672,962 Methods and systems for managing data
9 7,672,464 Locating and correcting undesirable effects in signals that represent time-based media
10 7,672,142 Grounded flexible circuits
11 7,671,840 User interface control for changing a parameter
12 7,671,837 Scrolling input arrangements using capacitive sensors on a flexible membrane
13 7,671,804 Tunable antennas for handheld devices
14 7,671,756 Portable electronic device with alert silencing
15 7,671,561 Host machines for battery charging system
16 7,671,559 Battery charging system and mobile and accessory devices