Apple patents granted on 06 December 2016

51 US patents granted on 06 December 2016 and assigned to Apple

1 D773,711 Light system
2 D773,527 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
3 D773,526 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
4 D773,512 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
5 D773,510 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
6 D773,474 Electronic device
7 D773,470 Cover
8 D773,454 Portable display device with case
9 D773,453 Electronic device
10 9,516,743 Electronic device with reduced-stress flexible display
11 9,516,689 Mitigating no-service delays for LTE capable wireless devices without LTE access permission
12 9,516,615 Selection of synchronization stations in a peer-to-peer network environment
13 9,516,442 Detecting the positions of earbuds and use of these positions for selecting the optimum microphones in a headset
14 9,516,413 Location based storage and upload of acoustic environment related information
15 9,516,409 Echo cancellation and control for microphone beam patterns
16 9,516,407 Active noise control with compensation for error sensing at the eardrum
17 9,516,337 Method and apparatus for variable accuracy inter-picture timing specification for digital video encoding
18 9,516,305 Adaptive scaler switching
19 9,516,269 Instant video communication connections
20 9,516,263 Automatic configuration of the logical orientation of multiple monitors based on captured images
21 9,516,223 Motion-based image stitching
22 9,516,159 System and method of double talk detection with acoustic echo and noise control
23 9,516,149 Multi-layer transparent structures for electronic device housings
24 9,516,116 Managing notification service connections
25 9,515,818 Multi-block cryptographic operation
26 9,515,713 Including feedback information regarding an individual subband of a wireless channel
27 9,515,629 Adaptive audio equalization for personal listening devices
28 9,515,439 Connector insert assembly
29 9,515,131 Narrow border organic light-emitting diode display
30 9,514,842 Memory testing system
31 9,514,525 Temporal filtering for image data using spatial filtering and noise history
32 9,514,355 Organizing images by correlating faces
33 9,514,351 Processing a fingerprint for fingerprint matching
34 9,513,930 Workflow widgets
35 9,513,883 Method and apparatus for designing layout for user interfaces
36 9,513,864 Broadcast control and accrued history of media
37 9,513,801 Accessing electronic notifications and settings icons with gestures
38 9,513,799 Devices, methods, and graphical user interfaces for providing control of a touch-based user interface absent physical touch capabilities
39 9,513,769 Methods and systems for non-linear representation of time in calendar applications
40 9,513,744 Control systems employing novel physical controls and touch screens
41 9,513,739 Backlight and ambient light sensor system
42 9,513,693 L2 cache retention mode
43 9,513,673 Wide touchpad on a portable computer
44 9,513,672 Electronic device with dynamic hinge gap cover
45 9,513,664 Housing for portable electronic device with reduced border region
46 9,513,663 Electronic device with touch sensitive display
47 9,513,658 Multi-bit flip-flop reorganization techniques
48 9,513,314 Configurable testing platforms for circuit boards with removable test point portions
49 9,512,537 Interference coloring of thick, porous, oxide films
50 9,512,536 Methods for forming white anodized films by metal complex infusion
51 9,511,498 Mass transfer tool