Apple patents granted on 07 April 2015

41 US patents granted on 07 April 2015 and assigned to Apple

1 D726,334 Architectural structure
2 D726,219 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
3 D726,218 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
4 D726,196 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
5 D725,947 Display structure
6 9,003,427 Methods for managing authority designation of graphical user interfaces
7 9,003,384 Methods and apparatuses for automatic type checking via poisoned pointers
8 9,003,326 Indicating input focus by showing focus transitions
9 9,003,299 Extensible application state preservation architecture
10 9,003,171 Page fault prediction for processing vector instructions
11 9,002,422 Engagement features and adjustment structures for electronic devices with integral antennas
12 9,002,414 Power management of a radio data transceiver
13 9,002,380 Proximity-based notifications in a mobile device
14 9,002,373 Monitoring a location fingerprint database
15 9,002,322 Authentication with secondary approver
16 9,002,287 System for testing multi-antenna devices
17 9,002,283 Antenna switching system with adaptive switching criteria
18 9,002,099 Learning-based estimation of hand and finger pose
19 9,001,695 Caching of a remote data structure based on requested information
20 9,001,690 Adaptive generation of channel quality indicators (CQIs) based on a current communication scenario
21 9,001,593 Apparatus to suppress concurrent read and write word line access of the same memory element in a memory array
22 9,001,539 AC-DC resonant converter that provides high efficiency and high power density
23 9,001,522 Printed circuits with staggered contact pads and compact component mounting arrangements
24 9,001,297 Third metal layer for thin film transistor with reduced defects in liquid crystal display
25 9,001,280 Devices and methods for shielding displays from electrostatic discharge
26 9,001,263 Driver circuit for a camera voice coil motor
27 9,001,230 Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for manipulating images using metadata
28 9,001,160 Frame timing synchronization for an inline scaler using multiple buffer thresholds
29 9,001,133 Edid shadowing techniques for fast display startup
30 9,001,097 Systems and methods for reducing or eliminating mura artifact using image feedback
31 9,001,081 Capacitive sensor packaging
32 9,001,068 Touch sensor contact information
33 9,001,047 Modal change based on orientation of a portable multifunction device
34 9,001,002 Portable electronic device housing having insert molding around antenna
35 9,000,989 Test system with adjustable radio-frequency probe array
36 9,000,527 Gate stack with electrical shunt in end portion of gate stack
37 8,999,771 Protection layer for halftone process of third metal
38 8,999,487 Systems and methods for protection of cosmetic surfaces and overflow prevention on electronic devices
39 8,998,632 Dual orientation connector with external contacts
40 8,998,622 Electrical connectors with applicators for electronic devices
41 8,997,339 Method for fabricating thin touch sensor panels