Apple patents granted on 07 June 2016

45 US patents granted on 07 June 2016 and assigned to Apple

1 D758,437 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
2 D758,417 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
3 D758,363 Display for electronic device
4 D758,353 Input mechanism
5 D758,219 Wearable device
6 D758,106 Display structure
7 9,363,905 Cosmetic co-removal of material for electronic device surfaces
8 9,363,793 Methods and apparatus for optimizing paging mechanisms using device context information
9 9,363,754 Managing power consumption in mobile devices
10 9,363,729 Method and system for soft handoff in mobile broadband systems
11 9,363,704 Selecting a physical data channel based on application traffic pattern
12 9,363,694 Determining connection states of a mobile wireless device
13 9,363,637 Multi-tiered detection of a geofence
14 9,363,600 Method and apparatus for improved residual echo suppression and flexible tradeoffs in near-end distortion and echo reduction
15 9,363,596 System and method of mixing accelerometer and microphone signals to improve voice quality in a mobile device
16 9,363,594 Earbud with membrane based acoustic mass loading
17 9,363,589 Liquid resistant acoustic device
18 9,363,587 Pressure vent for speaker or microphone modules
19 9,363,497 Self-configuring media devices and methods
20 9,363,352 Duplex audio for mobile communication device and accessory
21 9,363,343 Audio jack connector integrated into enclosure
22 9,363,238 Repackaging demographic data with anonymous identifier
23 9,363,220 Context-sensitive help for image viewing and editing application
24 9,363,005 Adaptive antenna diversity system
25 9,361,987 Managing data writing to memories
26 9,361,959 Low power double pumped multi-port register file architecture
27 9,361,951 Statistical peak-current management in non-volatile memory devices
28 9,361,942 Playlist configuration and preview
29 9,361,886 Providing text input using speech data and non-speech data
30 9,361,822 Color adjustment techniques for displays
31 9,361,609 Backlight structures and backlight assemblies for electronic device displays
32 9,361,454 Methods for restricting resources used by an application based on a base profile and an application specific profile
33 9,361,440 Secure off-chip processing such as for biometric data
34 9,361,298 Media content management
35 9,361,215 Memory allocation improvements
36 9,361,130 Systems, methods, and computer program products providing an integrated user interface for reading content
37 9,361,036 Correction of block errors for a system having non-volatile memory
38 9,361,013 Sticky functionality
39 9,361,012 Sticky functionality
40 9,360,997 Content presentation and interaction across multiple displays
41 9,360,995 User interface for electronic backup
42 9,360,967 Mutual capacitance touch sensing device
43 9,360,559 GNSS navigation solution using inequality constraints
44 9,360,557 Systems, methods, devices and subassemblies for rapid-acquisition access to high-precision positioning, navigation and/or timing solutions
45 9,359,686 Processes to reduce interfacial enrichment of alloying elements under anodic oxide films and improve anodized appearance of heat treatable alloys