Apple patents granted on 08 March 2016

40 US patents granted on 08 March 2016 and assigned to Apple

1 D751,117 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
2 D751,070 Wearable device
3 D751,064 Electronic device
4 9,282,656 Gaskets for thermal ducting around heat pipes
5 9,282,653 Enhanced glass impact durability through application of thin films
6 9,282,652 Portable computing device with a housing secured by a magnetic element and related method
7 9,282,630 Method of forming a conformal electromagnetic interference shield
8 9,282,551 Methods and apparatus for automated device state changes in response to network conditions
9 9,282,535 Efficient location updates, paging and short bursts
10 9,282,532 Initiating bearer independent protocol sessions using access technology and location information
11 9,282,516 Cooperative power savings among mobile computing devices
12 9,282,514 Methods and apparatus for intelligent wireless technology selection
13 9,282,497 Inter-radio access technology transition based on quality of service evaluation
14 9,282,443 Short message service (SMS) message segmentation
15 9,282,438 Group call management
16 9,282,235 Focus score improvement by noise correction
17 9,282,219 Automatic generation of print data for print jobs based on available media attributes
18 9,281,882 Transmission of symbols in a MIMO environment using Alamouti based codes
19 9,281,855 Apparatus and methods for recordation of device history across multiple software emulations
20 9,281,844 Configurable and low power encoder for cyclic error correction codes
21 9,281,638 Connectors
22 9,281,612 Magnetic connector having a unitary housing
23 9,281,116 Increasing the light-load efficiency of voltage regulators using nonlinear inductors with cores of different materials
24 9,281,109 Magnetic assembly
25 9,280,697 Authentication device including template validation and related methods
26 9,280,644 Methods for restricting resources used by a program based on entitlements
27 9,280,610 Crowd sourcing information to fulfill user requests
28 9,280,597 System and method for customizing search results from user’s perspective
29 9,280,595 Application query conversion
30 9,280,503 Round robin arbiter handling slow transaction sources and preventing block
31 9,280,471 Mechanism for sharing private caches in a SoC
32 9,280,352 Lookahead scanning and cracking of microcode instructions in a dispatch queue
33 9,280,299 Memory management schemes for non-volatile memory devices
34 9,280,262 Select drag and drop operations on video thumbnails across clip boundaries
35 9,280,251 Funneled touch sensor routing
36 9,280,248 Touch pad with force sensors and actuator feedback
37 9,280,183 Advanced techniques for bonding metal to plastic
38 9,280,177 Portable computing device
39 9,279,733 Bulk amorphous alloy pressure sensor
40 9,279,189 Methods for forming defect-free anodized parts