Apple patents granted on 08 September 2015

55 US patents granted on 08 September 2015 and assigned to Apple

1 D738,401 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
2 D738,394 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
3 D738,371 Electronic device
4 D738,350 Audio listening system
5 D738,204 Package with electronic device
6 9,131,506 Channel quality index feedback reduction for broadband systems
7 9,131,433 Minimization of radio resource usage in multi-hop networks with multiple
8 9,131,342 Location-based categorical information services
9 9,131,320 Audio device with a voice coil channel and a separately amplified telecoil channel
10 9,131,309 Wired headset with integrated switch
11 9,131,302 Speaker temperature control using speaker temperature and speaker impedance estimates
12 9,131,296 Auto-configuring audio output for audio performance and fault detection
13 9,131,196 Systems and methods for defective pixel correction with neighboring pixels
14 9,131,192 Unified slider control for modifying multiple image properties
15 9,131,136 Lens arrays for pattern projection and imaging
16 9,131,135 Electronic device flash shutter
17 9,131,037 Electronic device with conductive fabric shield wall
18 9,130,952 Method and apparatus for searching metadata
19 9,130,820 Application programming interface, system, and method for collaborative online applications
20 9,130,802 System and method for simplified data transfer
21 9,130,724 Techniques for reducing communication errors in a wireless communication system
22 9,130,686 Tagging of broadcast content using a portable media device controlled by an accessory
23 9,130,519 Method and apparatus for combined linear, low-noise buffer and sampler for ADC
24 9,130,400 Multiport power converter with load detection capabilities
25 9,130,265 Electronic device with conductive housing and near field antenna
26 9,129,927 Organic light-emitting diode displays with semiconducting-oxide and silicon thin-film transistors
27 9,129,708 Integrated circuit with separate supply voltage for memory that is different from logic circuit supply voltage
28 9,129,659 Buckling shock mounting
29 9,129,586 Prevention of ANC instability in the presence of low frequency noise
30 9,129,584 Method of playing chord inversions on a virtual instrument
31 9,129,583 Systems and methods of note event adjustment
32 9,129,548 Ambient light sensors with infrared compensation
33 9,129,428 Map tile selection in 3D
34 9,129,403 Method and system for generating enhanced images
35 9,129,396 Display driving architectures
36 9,129,388 Global approximation to spatially varying tone mapping operators
37 9,129,207 Systems and methods for printing maps and directions
38 9,129,017 System and method for metadata transfer among search entities
39 9,128,960 Assisted image selection
40 9,128,857 Flush engine
41 9,128,849 Coherent memory scheme for heterogeneous processors
42 9,128,732 Selective randomization for non-deterministically compiled code
43 9,128,725 Load-store dependency predictor content management
44 9,128,722 Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for fertilizing machine-executable code
45 9,128,721 Closed loop CPU performance control
46 9,128,697 Computer numerical storage format with precision type indicator
47 9,128,674 Thermal press and ultraviolet curing for display assemblies
48 9,128,666 Housing for portable electronic device with reduced border region
49 9,128,614 Device, method, and graphical user interface for manipulating soft keyboards
50 9,128,601 Embedded authentication systems in an electronic device
51 9,128,540 Force sensor for use in an input device and methods for constructing and using the sensor
52 9,128,385 Adaptive photomasks and methods for using the same
53 9,128,327 Stress insensitive liquid crystal display
54 9,128,162 Estimating state of charge (SOC) and uncertainty from relaxing voltage measurements in a battery
55 9,128,118 Testing systems with automated loading equipment and positioners