Apple patents granted on 09 April 2013

39 US patents granted on 09 April 2013 and assigned to Apple

1 D679,715 Packaging
2 D679,521 Display structure
3 8,418,082 Cross-track edit indicators and edit selections
4 8,418,046 Data signal handling circuitry and methods with error analysis capabilities
5 8,417,983 Adjusting a device clock source to reduce wireless communication interference
6 8,417,921 Running-min and running-max instructions for processing vectors using a base value from a key element of an input vector
7 8,417,893 Memory mapping techniques
8 8,417,863 Synchronous bus driving with repeaters
9 8,417,844 DMA controller which performs DMA assist for one peripheral interface controller and DMA operation for another peripheral interface controller
10 8,417,825 Communications handles and proxy agents
11 8,417,779 Apparatus and method for interacting with handheld carrier hosting media content
12 8,417,771 Method and apparatus for updating and synchronizing information between a client and a server
13 8,417,722 Profiling method and system
14 8,417,575 On-device offline purchases using credits
15 8,417,298 Mounting structures for portable electronic devices
16 8,417,296 Electronic device with proximity-based radio power control
17 8,417,226 Advertisement scheduling
18 8,417,214 Method for obtaining location information for emergency services in wireless multimedia networks
19 8,417,187 Methods and apparatus for wireless device coexistence
20 8,417,180 Methods and systems for mixing media with communications
21 8,416,997 Method of person identification using social connections
22 8,416,961 Detecting the repositioning of an earphone using a microphone and associated action
23 8,416,881 Effective signal interference plus noise ratio estimation for multi-order modulation
24 8,416,746 Medium access control for wireless systems
25 8,416,635 Integrated circuit with separate supply voltage for memory that is different from logic circuit supply voltage
26 8,416,317 Automatic focus system calibration for image capture systems
27 8,416,277 Face detection as a metric to stabilize video during video chat session
28 8,416,265 Method and apparatus for image acquisition, organization, manipulation, and publication
29 8,416,226 Adaptive method for acquiring color measurements
30 8,416,209 Multipoint touchscreen
31 8,416,205 Device, method, and graphical user interface for manipulation of user interface objects with activation regions
32 8,416,198 Multi-dimensional scroll wheel
33 8,416,196 Touch event model programming interface
34 8,416,139 Methods and apparatus for improving the performance of an electronic device having one or more antennas
35 8,416,137 Low-profile wide-bandwidth radio frequency antenna
36 8,415,926 In-situ battery health detector and end-of-life indicator
37 8,415,570 Inhibiting moisture intrusion in a very small form factor consumer electronic product
38 8,415,549 Time compression/expansion of selected audio segments in an audio file
39 8,414,337 Low profile male connector