Apple patents granted on 11 October 2011

15 US patents granted on 11 October 2011 and assigned to Apple

1 8,037,401 Method and apparatus for allowing a media client to obtain media data from a media server
2 8,037,220 Techniques for providing audio for synchronized playback by multiple devices
3 8,037,132 Methods and apparatuses for transferring streaming multimedia data and various types of data associated therewith in a network environment
4 8,037,021 Calendaring techniques and interfaces
5 8,036,894 Multi-unit approach to text-to-speech synthesis
6 8,036,851 Activity monitoring systems and methods
7 8,036,766 Intelligent audio mixing among media playback and at least one other non-playback application
8 8,036,689 Method and apparatus for distributing messages to mobile recipients
9 8,036,378 System and method of authentication
10 8,036,267 Rate control for video coder employing adaptive linear regression bits modeling
11 8,036,061 Integrated circuit with multiported memory supercell and data path switching circuitry
12 8,035,666 Dynamic backlight adaptation for black bars with subtitles
13 8,035,622 SAR ADC with dynamic input scaling and offset adjustment
14 8,035,481 Illuminable latch
15 8,033,695 Active enclosure for computing device