Apple patents granted on 12 January 2016

38 US patents granted on 12 January 2016 and assigned to Apple

1 D747,344 Display screen with graphical user interface
2 D747,336 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
3 D747,310 Electronic device
4 D747,234 Band
5 9,237,661 Multi-layered ceramic enclosure
6 9,237,602 Adaptive channel state feedback based on channel estimation characteristics and reporting requirements
7 9,237,519 Managing power consumption of transmission circuitry in a wireless communication device
8 9,237,514 System and method for filtering access points presented to a user and locking onto an access point
9 9,237,495 Methods and apparatus for performing handover between a long term evolution (LTE) network and another type of radio access network
10 9,237,401 Electronic devices with adjustable bias impedances and adjustable bias voltages for accessories
11 9,237,389 Audio port configuration for compact electronic devices
12 9,237,305 Overlay for a video conferencing application
13 9,237,169 Network stream identification for open FaceTime
14 9,237,016 System and method for wiping encrypted data on a device having file-level content protection
15 9,236,890 Decoding a super-code using joint decoding of underlying component codes
16 9,236,663 Electronic device having adaptive filter circuitry for blocking interference between wireless transceivers
17 9,236,659 Electronic device with hybrid inverted-F slot antenna
18 9,236,649 Modular structural stiffeners
19 9,236,648 Antenna structures having resonating elements and parasitic elements within slots in conductive elements
20 9,236,355 EMI shielded wafer level fan-out pop package
21 9,236,202 Corrosion mitigation for metal traces
22 9,236,132 Mitigating reliability degradation of analog memory cells during long static and erased state retention
23 9,236,100 Dynamic global memory bit line usage as storage node
24 9,236,029 Histogram generation and evaluation for dynamic pixel and backlight control
25 9,235,906 Scalable processing for associating geometries with map tiles
26 9,235,861 System and method for managing wireless point-of-sale transactions
27 9,235,840 Electronic transaction notification system and method
28 9,235,753 Extraction of skeletons from 3D maps
29 9,235,747 Integrated leadframe and bezel structure and device formed from same
30 9,235,532 Secure storage of full disk encryption keys
31 9,235,502 Systems and methods for configuring non-volatile memory
32 9,235,406 Methods and apparatus for user identity module update without service interruption
33 9,235,283 Electronic device including blurred finger image deblurring circuitry and related methods
34 9,235,274 Low-profile or ultra-thin navigation pointing or haptic feedback device
35 9,235,267 Multi touch with multi haptics
36 9,235,240 Insert molding around glass members for portable electronic devices
37 9,235,022 Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for thermally managing electronic devices using dynamic optical components
38 9,234,942 Transition fault testing of source synchronous interface