Apple patents granted on 13 August 2013

37 US patents granted on 13 August 2013 and assigned to Apple

1 RE44,443 Isochronous channel having a linked list of buffers
2 RE44,441 System for terminating multicast channel and data broadcast when at least two second endpoints do not transmit positive acknowledgment message to first endpoint
3 D687,973 Building panel
4 D687,844 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
5 D687,842 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
6 D687,706 Packaging
7 8,510,677 Device, method, and graphical user interface for navigating through a range of values
8 8,510,665 Methods and graphical user interfaces for editing on a multifunction device with a touch screen display
9 8,510,658 Population segmentation
10 8,510,552 System and method for file-level data protection
11 8,510,521 Reordering in the memory controller
12 8,510,485 Low power digital interface
13 8,510,481 Memory access without internal microprocessor intervention
14 8,510,309 Selection and delivery of invitational content based on prediction of user interest
15 8,509,801 Method to balance channel load using extended global service redirection message in a system environment that supports multiple band classes
16 8,509,694 Techniques for facilitating communication between a portable media device and an accessory using multiple communication paths
17 8,509,691 Accessory device authentication
18 8,509,569 Optimization of image processing using multiple processing units
19 8,509,540 Object detection metadata
20 8,509,455 Multiple-use acoustic port
21 8,509,339 Reference signaling scheme using compressed feedforward codebooks for multi-user multiple input multiple output (MU-MIMO) systems
22 8,509,160 Method for efficient CQI feedback
23 8,509,133 Wireless scheduling systems and methods
24 8,508,694 Display with dual-edge light-emitting-diode backlight
25 8,508,671 Projection systems and methods
26 8,508,646 Camera with internal polarizing filter
27 8,508,621 Image sensor data formats and memory addressing techniques for image signal processing
28 8,508,612 Image signal processor line buffer configuration for processing ram image data
29 8,508,549 User-interface design
30 8,508,542 Systems and methods for operating a display
31 8,508,538 Timing controller capable of switching between graphics processing units
32 8,508,495 Display with dual-function capacitive elements
33 8,508,418 Antennas for electronic devices with conductive housing
34 8,507,863 Reflective proximity sensor with improved smudge resistance and reduced crosstalk
35 8,507,811 Touch sensor panels with reduced static capacitance
36 8,506,334 Battery connector with lid for easy disconnect
37 8,506,322 Portable computer battery structures