Apple patents granted on 13 October 2015

48 US patents granted on 13 October 2015 and assigned to Apple

1 9,161,434 Methods for shielding electronic components from moisture
2 9,161,335 Method and apparatus for candidate list generation for uplink V-MIMO
3 9,161,314 Apparatus and method for controlling the temperature of a mobile device
4 9,161,301 Reducing power consumption when bridging independent chipsets
5 9,161,267 Performing neighboring cell searches while transitioning to connected-mode
6 9,161,203 Negotiating different mobile IP delivery styles
7 9,161,186 Remote messaging for mobile communication device and accessory
8 9,161,175 Location transition determination
9 9,161,118 Earphone having an acoustic tuning mechanism
10 9,160,912 System and method for automatic image capture control in digital imaging
11 9,160,829 Dynamic audio parameter adjustment using touch sensing
12 9,160,827 Automatically adjusting country and area codes when doing a business card or telephone number exchange
13 9,160,816 Methods and systems for fast account setup
14 9,160,541 Method and system for authenticating an accessory
15 9,160,537 Methods for secure restoration of personal identity credentials into electronic devices
16 9,160,494 Distributed ARQ for wireless communication system
17 9,160,444 Wireless communication
18 9,160,129 Connectors and methods for manufacturing connectors
19 9,160,124 Compliant mount for connector
20 9,160,056 Multiband antennas formed from bezel bands with gaps
21 9,159,407 Soft readout from analog memory cells in the presence of read threshold errors
22 9,159,288 Gate line driver circuit for display element array
23 9,159,153 Method, system and apparatus for providing visual feedback of a map view change
24 9,159,144 Color adjustors for color segments
25 9,158,957 Finger sensing apparatus using hybrid matching and associated methods
26 9,158,776 Slideshows comprising various forms of media
27 9,158,691 Cross dependency checking logic
28 9,158,685 System cache with cache hint control
29 9,158,661 Enhanced debugging for embedded devices
30 9,158,608 Accessing metadata with an external host
31 9,158,541 Register renamer that handles multiple register sizes aliased to the same storage locations
32 9,158,455 Multifunctional environment for image cropping
33 9,158,454 Detecting and interpreting real-world and security gestures on touch and hover sensitive devices
34 9,158,375 Interactive reality augmentation for natural interaction
35 9,158,367 Low-power GPU states for reducing power consumption
36 9,158,350 Link clock change during veritcal blanking
37 9,158,143 Dual purpose touch sensor panel and optical retarder
38 9,158,090 Camera module with artificial muscle actuator and structure for focusing during assembly
39 9,157,954 Test system with temporary test structures
40 9,157,953 Test systems with cables that support multiple communications buses
41 9,157,930 Bidirectional radio-frequency probing
42 9,157,790 Integrated optoelectronic modules with transmitter, receiver and beam-combining optics for aligning a beam axis with a collection axis
43 D740,856 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
44 D740,851 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
45 D740,845 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
46 D740,832 Display screen or portion thereof with a graphical user interface
47 D740,751 Power module
48 D740,653 Package