Apple patents granted on 15 April 2014

37 US patents granted on 15 April 2014 and assigned to Apple

1 D702,710 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
2 D702,709 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
3 D702,680 Electronic device
4 D702,633 Power adapter
5 D702,547 Packaging
6 8,701,172 System and method for facilitating user authentication of web page content
7 8,701,124 Notification barrier
8 8,701,030 Method and apparatus for managing windows
9 8,701,007 Edit visualizer for modifying and evaluating uncommitted media content
10 8,700,977 High-performance ECC decoder
11 8,700,880 Dynamic trampoline and structured code generation in a signed code environment
12 8,700,819 Host device suspending communication link to client device based on client device notification
13 8,700,789 Accessory and mobile computing device communication using an application communication protocol
14 8,700,646 Reference file for formatted views
15 8,700,613 Ad sponsors for mobile devices based on download size
16 8,700,469 System and method for delivering advertising with enhanced effectiveness
17 8,700,331 Systems and methods for printing maps and directions
18 8,700,060 Determining a location of a mobile device using a location database
19 8,699,825 Consolidating information relating to duplicate images
20 8,699,821 Aligning images
21 8,699,727 Visually-assisted mixing of audio using a spectral analyzer
22 8,699,703 System and method for pseudo-random polymorphic tree construction
23 8,699,702 Securing cryptographic process keys using internal structures
24 8,699,444 Broadcast system interference protection method and apparatus
25 8,699,415 Active set management enhancement for reliable soft handoff in 1XEV-DO system
26 8,699,339 Reducing interarrival delays in network traffic
27 8,699,243 Power converter system with synchronous rectifier output stage and reduced no-load power consumption
28 8,698,845 Device, method, and graphical user interface with interactive popup views
29 8,698,844 Processing cursor movements in a graphical user interface of a multimedia application
30 8,698,773 Insertion marker placement on touch sensitive display
31 8,698,762 Device, method, and graphical user interface for navigating and displaying content in context
32 8,698,755 Touch sensor contact information
33 8,698,744 Methods and apparatuses for operating a portable device based on an accelerometer
34 8,698,727 Backlight and ambient light sensor system
35 8,696,388 Edge connector for shielded adapter
36 8,696,383 Connector ground shield mechanical attachment
37 8,695,690 Methods for cooling electronic devices using flow sensors