Apple patents granted on 16 August 2011

20 US patents granted on 16 August 2011 and assigned to Apple

1 D643,437 Graphical user interface for a display screen or portion thereof
2 D643,436 Graphical user interface for a display screen or portion thereof
3 D643,403 Media player
4 D643,402 Media device
5 8,001,472 Systems and methods for providing audio and visual cues via a portable electronic device
6 8,001,400 Power consumption management for functional preservation in a battery-powered electronic device
7 8,001,359 Mapping an N-bit application ported from an M-bit application to an N-bit architecture
8 8,001,314 Storing a driver for controlling a memory
9 8,001,211 Convergence-enabled DVD and web system
10 8,001,187 Peer-to-peer active content sharing
11 8,001,148 Caching permissions information
12 8,001,011 Method and apparatus for deferred purchasing of marked digital media items
13 8,000,736 User programmable switch for portable data processing devices
14 8,000,694 Communications device having a commute time function and methods of use thereof
15 8,000,598 Lens baffle
16 8,000,228 Pilot signal in an FDMA communication system
17 8,000,134 Off-die charge pump that supplies multiple flash devices
18 7,999,795 Double-sided touch sensitive panel and flex circuit bonding
19 7,999,748 Antennas for electronic devices
20 7,997,906 Techniques for coupling interfaces parts using moveable magnetic elements