Apple patents granted on 16 December 2014

46 US patents granted on 16 December 2014 and assigned to Apple

1 D719,586 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
2 D719,585 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
3 D719,579 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
4 D719,578 Display screen of portion thereof with graphical user interface
5 D719,561 Electronic device
6 8,914,743 Device, method, and graphical user interface for navigating a list of identifiers
7 8,914,710 Soft message-passing decoder with efficient message computation
8 8,914,670 Redundancy schemes for non-volatile memory using parity zones having new and old parity blocks
9 8,914,600 Selective data storage in LSB and MSB pages
10 8,914,580 Reducing cache power consumption for sequential accesses
11 8,914,559 Methods and systems for automatic configuration of peripherals
12 8,914,555 Methods, systems and apparatus for determining whether an accessory includes particular circuitry
13 8,914,548 Fast masked summing comparator
14 8,914,414 Integrated repository of structured and unstructured data
15 8,914,384 System and method for playlist generation based on similarity data
16 8,914,381 Correlation filter
17 8,914,377 Methods for prefix indexing
18 8,914,327 Methods and systems for searching a backup volume
19 8,914,322 Methods and systems for managing composite data files
20 8,914,025 Registration with a mobile telecommunications service provider
21 8,913,973 Methods for determining optimum power supply voltages for radio-frequency power amplifier circuitry
22 8,913,970 Wireless transceiver with amplifier bias adjusted based on modulation scheme
23 8,913,845 Method and system for generating output image data
24 8,913,802 Enrollment using synthetic fingerprint image and fingerprint sensing systems
25 8,913,801 Enrollment using synthetic fingerprint image and fingerprint sensing systems
26 8,913,771 Portable electronic device having a water exposure indicator label
27 8,913,583 Receiving information relation radio access technology capabilities of a mobile station
28 8,913,400 Systems and methods for shielding circuitry from interference with a shield assembly having a removable tab
29 8,913,395 High tolerance connection between elements
30 8,913,394 Electrical components coupled to circuit boards
31 8,913,390 Thermally conductive printed circuit board bumpers
32 8,913,285 Automated method of decomposing scanned documents
33 8,913,140 Rolling shutter reduction based on motion sensors
34 8,913,056 Three dimensional user interface effects on a display by using properties of motion
35 8,913,040 Downsampling data for crosstalk compensation
36 8,913,021 Capacitance touch near-field–far field switching
37 8,912,990 Display having a transistor-degradation circuit
38 8,912,963 System for testing multi-antenna devices using bidirectional faded channels
39 8,912,853 Dynamic level shifter circuit and ring oscillator using the same
40 8,912,809 Methods and apparatus for performing wafer-level testing on antenna tuning elements
41 8,912,584 PFET polysilicon layer with N-type end cap for electrical shunt
42 8,912,480 Light sensor systems for electronic devices
43 8,912,444 Systems and methods for storing a cable
44 8,912,438 Metal retaining features for handheld electronic device casing
45 8,911,280 Apparatus for shaping exterior surface of a metal alloy casing
46 8,911,260 External contact plug connector