Apple patents granted on 19 August 2014

48 US patents granted on 19 August 2014 and assigned to Apple

1 D711,427 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
2 D711,408 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
3 D711,311 Battery module
4 8,813,198 Configuration of accessories for wireless network access
5 8,813,185 Ad-hoc user account creation
6 8,813,167 Dynamic device configuration using predicates
7 8,813,100 Memory management
8 8,812,994 Device, method, and graphical user interface for configuring restricted interaction with a user interface
9 8,812,883 Systems and methods for providing device-to-device handshaking through a power supply signal
10 8,812,816 Garbage collection schemes for index block
11 8,812,814 User equipment buffer management in multiple-input multiple-output communication systems
12 8,812,761 System and method for adjusting power usage to reduce interrupt latency
13 8,812,498 Methods and systems for providing podcast content
14 8,812,494 Predicting content and context performance based on performance history of users
15 8,812,316 Speech recognition repair using contextual information
16 8,812,294 Translating phrases from one language into another using an order-based set of declarative rules
17 8,812,005 System and method for scheduling packet transmission on a client device using traffic classes and opportunistic behavior
18 8,811,988 Dynamically creating a globally unique identified of a subscriber device based on an identified of an aggregation device and identification information of the subscriber device for circuit-switched and packet-switched communication systems
19 8,811,932 Method and system for wireless communications between base and mobile stations
20 8,811,922 LTE/1X dual-standby with single-chip radio
21 8,811,755 Detecting recurring events in consumer image collections
22 8,811,729 Illuminant estimation
23 8,811,683 Automatic red-eye repair using multiple recognition channels
24 8,811,648 Moving magnet audio transducer
25 8,811,544 Methods and systems for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) multiple zone partitioning
26 8,811,475 Multi-pass video encoding solution for buffer underflow
27 8,811,421 Method for simultaneously receiving LTE and 1x in SRLTE device
28 8,811,192 Methods for testing wireless local area network transceivers in wireless electronic devices
29 8,811,005 Clutch features of a portable computing device
30 8,810,728 Method and apparatus for synchronizing audio and video streams
31 8,810,692 Rolling shutter distortion correction
32 8,810,684 Tagging images in a mobile communications device using a contacts list
33 8,810,596 Cursor for application of image adjustments
34 8,810,591 Virtualization of graphics resources and thread blocking
35 8,810,560 Methods and apparatus for scrambler synchronization
36 8,810,542 Correction of parasitic capacitance effect in touch sensor panels
37 8,810,537 Quadrature demodulation for touch sensitive devices
38 8,810,480 Methods and apparatuses for controlling display devices
39 8,810,367 Electronic device with multimode fingerprint reader
40 8,810,232 Momentarily enabled electronic device
41 8,809,859 Devices and methods for embedding semiconductors in printed circuit boards
42 8,809,733 Sub-surface marking of product housings
43 8,809,708 Button assembly with drive assembly
44 8,809,703 Keys with double-diving-board spring mechanisms
45 8,809,665 Electronic percussion gestures for touchscreens
46 8,808,895 Battery protection structures
47 8,808,483 Method of making a curved touch panel
48 8,808,030 Simplified connector receptacle housings