Apple patents granted on 19 January 2010

10 US patents granted on 19 January 2010 and assigned to Apple

1 D608,366 Graphical user interface for a display screen or portion thereof
2 D608,352 Dock insert
3 D608,342 Media device
4 7,650,507 Small memory footprint fast elliptic encryption
5 7,650,452 Method and apparatus for arbitration and fairness on a full-duplex bus using dual phases
6 7,650,447 System and method for a host to access an internal SATA storage device within an accessible host using an external serial ATA connection
7 7,650,137 Account information display for portable communication device
8 7,650,007 Lanyard for handheld electronic device
9 7,649,744 Handheld computing device
10 7,649,526 Soft key interaction indicator