Apple patents granted on 20 January 2015

12 US patents granted on 20 January 2015 and assigned to Apple

1 D721,338 Thermal device
2 D721,331 Electronic device
3 8,938,692 Device, method, and graphical user interface for managing concurrently open software applications
4 8,938,642 Confirm instruction for processing vectors
5 8,938,262 Neighbor cell location averaging
6 8,938,217 Communicating and storing information associated with media broadcasts
7 8,938,008 Method and apparatus for variable accuracy inter-picture timing specification for digital video encoding with reduced requirements for division operations
8 8,937,997 Scalable video coding/multiplexing compatible with non-scalable decoders
9 8,937,689 Techniques for strengthening glass covers for portable electronic devices
10 8,937,623 Page flipping with backend scaling at high resolutions
11 8,937,591 Systems and methods for counteracting a perceptual fading of a movable indicator
12 8,937,237 Determining the characteristic of a played note on a virtual instrument