Apple patents granted on 22 March 2016

56 US patents granted on 22 March 2016 and assigned to Apple

1 D752,100 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
2 D752,082 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
3 D752,044 Housing for an electronic device
4 D752,037 Electronic device with graphical user interface
5 D752,035 Electronic device
6 D752,029 Case for electronic device
7 D752,025 Remote control
8 D751,991 Connector
9 9,295,063 Adaptive generation of channel state feedback (CSF) based on base station CSF scheduling
10 9,295,003 Resource allocation in a communication system
11 9,294,974 Motion based search and measurement periodicity
12 9,294,882 Sharing location information among devices
13 9,294,830 Wireless headset having adaptive powering
14 9,294,766 Chroma quantization in video coding
15 9,294,676 Choosing optimal correction in video stabilization
16 9,294,634 Application for designing photo albums
17 9,294,620 Method, medium, and system for a customer service application for a portable electronic device
18 9,294,566 Data synchronization
19 9,294,546 Sending files from one device to another device over a network
20 9,294,417 Source node and relay node that cooperatively transmit an alamouti code
21 9,294,409 Reducing round-trip times for TCP communications
22 9,294,359 System connections and user interfaces
23 9,294,252 Communication resource allocation systems and methods
24 9,294,103 Pre-program of clock generation circuit for faster lock coming out of reset
25 9,293,876 Techniques for configuring contacts of a connector
26 9,293,863 Mountable open top connector having a retainer
27 9,293,828 Antenna system with tuning from coupled antenna
28 9,293,816 Electronic device plate antenna
29 9,293,806 Electronic device with display frame antenna
30 9,293,512 Device and method for improving AMOLED driving
31 9,293,500 Exposure control for image sensors
32 9,293,194 Programming and erasure schemes for analog memory cells
33 9,293,146 Intensity stereo coding in advanced audio coding
34 9,293,128 Active noise control with compensation for acoustic leak in personal listening devices
35 9,293,102 Display having vertical gate line extensions and minimized borders
36 9,292,944 System and method for computing an image
37 9,292,899 Reference frame data prefetching in block processing pipelines
38 9,292,728 Electronic device for reallocating finger biometric template nodes in a set memory space and related methods
39 9,292,648 Activity-driven capacitance reduction to reduce dynamic power consumption in an integrated circuit
40 9,292,440 Adaptive over-provisioning in memory systems
41 9,292,391 Interface calibration using configurable on-die terminations
42 9,292,381 Distortion estimation and cancellation in memory devices
43 9,292,340 Applicaton interface on multiple processors
44 9,292,310 Systems and methods for displaying notifications received from multiple applications
45 9,292,285 Interpolation implementation
46 9,292,217 Logical volume space sharing
47 9,292,203 Providing a vertical candidate bar with an on-screen keyboard
48 9,292,196 Modifying the presentation of clustered application windows in a user interface
49 9,292,195 Device, method, and graphical user interface for configuring and implementing restricted interactions for applications
50 9,292,177 Progress bar with feature availability indicator
51 9,292,141 Double sided touch sensor on transparent substrate
52 9,292,111 Gesturing with a multipoint sensing device
53 9,292,045 Apparatus and method for automatically activating a camera application based on detecting an intent to capture a photograph or a video
54 9,292,044 Displays with polarizer windows and opaque masking layers for electronic devices
55 9,291,670 Operating surface characterization for integrated circuits
56 9,291,495 Proximity sensor with combined light sensor having an increased viewing angle