Apple patents granted on 24 June 2014

52 US patents granted on 24 June 2014 and assigned to Apple

1 D707,709 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
2 D707,706 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
3 D707,681 Adapter
4 D707,680 Adapter
5 D707,675 Portable display device
6 8,763,079 Accessory authentication for electronic devices
7 8,763,060 System and method for delivering companion content
8 8,763,058 Selective data downloading and presentation based on user interaction
9 8,763,035 Media map for capture of content from random access devices
10 8,762,887 Browsing or searching user interfaces and other aspects
11 8,762,864 Background removal tool for a presentation application
12 8,762,845 Graphical user interface having sound effects for operating control elements and dragging objects
13 8,762,755 Methods and systems for power management in a data processing system
14 8,762,704 Customized content for electronic devices
15 8,762,690 Increment-propagate and decrement-propagate instructions for processing vectors
16 8,762,653 Dynamic QoS upgrading
17 8,762,625 Stochastic block allocation for improved wear leveling
18 8,762,605 Adapter for electronic devices
19 8,762,577 Method and system for providing network synchronization with a unified messaging system
20 8,762,562 Network-assisted remote media listening
21 8,762,556 Displaying content on a mobile device
22 8,762,469 Electronic devices with voice command and contextual data processing capabilities
23 8,762,446 Bridged distributed device control over multiple transports method and apparatus
24 8,762,439 System and method for random number generation using asynchronous boundaries and phase locked loops
25 8,762,431 System and method for secure erase in copy-on-write file systems
26 8,762,351 Real-time or near real-time streaming with compressed playlists
27 8,762,156 Speech recognition repair using contextual information
28 8,762,097 Method and apparatus for a thermal control system based on virtual temperature sensor
29 8,762,056 Route reference
30 8,761,701 Selective receive diversity in a mobile wireless device
31 8,761,683 Electronic device instructions provided using radio signals
32 8,761,596 Dichroic aperture for electronic imaging device
33 8,761,594 Spatially dynamic illumination for camera systems
34 8,761,542 Blemish removal
35 8,761,192 Methods and systems for channelization
36 8,761,122 SIP–enabled framework for multi-domain roaming control plane in a WiMAX access network
37 8,761,115 Method and system for providing an uplink structure and minimizing pilot signal overhead in a wireless communication network
38 8,761,039 Adaptive generation of channel quality indicators (CQIs) based on a current communication scenario
39 8,760,868 Electronic device enclosures and heatsink structures with thermal management features
40 8,760,866 Cold worked metal housing for a portable electronic device
41 8,760,537 Capturing and rendering high dynamic range images
42 8,760,527 Extending a digital camera focus range
43 8,760,517 Polarized images for security
44 8,760,472 Pixel transforms
45 8,760,465 Method and apparatus to increase bit-depth on gray-scale and multi-channel images (inverse dithering)
46 8,760,464 Shape masks
47 8,760,412 Dual configuration for display data lines
48 8,760,400 Gui applications for use with 3D remote controller
49 8,760,363 Systems and methods for switching between an electronic paper display and a video display
50 8,760,314 Co-operative traffic notification
51 8,760,265 Remote control signal learning and processing by a host device and accessory
52 8,759,658 System and method to generate and manipulate string-instrument chord grids in a digital audio workstation