Apple patents granted on 24 March 2015

60 US patents granted on 24 March 2015 and assigned to Apple

1 D725,134 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
2 D725,125 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
3 8,990,737 Image preview
4 8,990,717 Context-aware charting
5 8,990,659 Efficient re-read operations in analog memory cell arrays
6 8,990,645 Methods and apparatus for error rate estimation
7 8,990,614 Performance of a system having non-volatile memory
8 8,990,604 Alternately sensing voltage on supply side or load side of a power gate of an electronic device and modifying feedback input of a power supply controlled by the power gate based on which side of the power gate is currently sensed
9 8,990,534 Adaptive resource management of a data processing system
10 8,990,404 Directing data in a web browser from a portable electronic device
11 8,990,318 Message focusing
12 8,990,273 Ad hoc file sharing
13 8,990,188 Managed assessment of submitted digital content
14 8,990,103 Booking and management of inventory atoms in content delivery systems
15 8,989,884 Automatic audio configuration based on an audio output device
16 8,989,824 Electronic devices with improved switch assembly constructions
17 8,989,821 Battery configurations for electronic devices
18 8,989,773 Sharing location information among devices
19 8,989,743 Battery conservation in stationary conditions for a wireless device
20 8,989,672 Methods for adjusting radio-frequency circuitry to mitigate interference effects
21 8,989,668 Ordering a list of wireless devices for display in a graphical user interface
22 8,989,509 Streaming wavelet transform
23 8,989,492 Multi-resolution spatial feature extraction for automatic handwriting recognition
24 8,989,455 Enhanced face detection using depth information
25 8,989,428 Acoustic systems in electronic devices
26 8,989,298 Data encoding based on notch filtering to prevent desense
27 8,989,270 Optimized search for reference frames in predictive video coding system
28 8,989,206 MAC packet data unit construction for wireless system
29 8,989,148 Method and system for providing an uplink structure and minimizing pilot signal overhead in a wireless communication network
30 8,989,096 Application-aware radio power saving
31 8,989,071 Inter-chip data communications with power-state transition management
32 8,989,035 Method for power saving for wireless device in discontinuous reception mode
33 8,988,978 System and method for improved connectivity in GPRS/EGPRS mobile environment for streaming service
34 8,988,957 Sense amplifier soft-fail detection circuit
35 8,988,898 Power cable having security feature
36 8,988,890 Component mounting structures with breakaway support tabs
37 8,988,876 Magnetic attachment unit
38 8,988,636 Methods for trimming polarizers in displays
39 8,988,628 Coated chassis for liquid crystal display
40 8,988,624 Display pixel having oxide thin-film transistor (TFT) with reduced loading
41 8,988,602 Camera voice coil motor with resilient stop
42 8,988,564 Digital camera with light splitter
43 8,988,563 Dual parallel processing of frames of raw image data
44 8,988,480 Use of an earpiece acoustic opening as a microphone port for beamforming applications
45 8,988,471 Systems and methods for dynamic dwelling time for tuning display to reduce or eliminate mura artifact
46 8,988,456 Generating digital media presentation layouts dynamically based on image features
47 8,988,442 Asynchronous notifications for concurrent graphics operations
48 8,988,426 Methods and apparatus for rendering labels based on occlusion testing for label visibility
49 8,988,408 Variable-bias power supply
50 8,988,396 Piezo-based acoustic and capacitive detection
51 8,988,390 Frequency agile touch processing
52 8,988,384 Force sensor interface for touch controller
53 8,988,341 Camera-assisted motion estimation for application control
54 8,988,334 Column inversion techniques for improved transmittance
55 8,988,107 Integrated circuit including pulse control logic having shared gating control
56 8,987,652 Electronic device with display and low-noise ambient light sensor with a control circuitry that periodically disables the display
57 8,987,049 Gate insulator loss free etch-stop oxide thin film transistor
58 8,987,027 Two doping regions in lightly doped drain for thin film transistors and associated doping processes
59 8,986,866 Fault detection and monitoring in batteries
60 8,986,029 Dock connector with compliance mechanism