Apple patents granted on 24 May 2016

55 US patents granted on 24 May 2016 and assigned to Apple

1 D757,116 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
2 D757,084 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user
3 D757,079 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
4 D757,052 Computer display screen with graphical user interface
5 D756,996 Electronic device with graphical user interface
6 D756,990 Electronic device
7 D756,985 Case for electronic device
8 D756,984 Case for electronic device
9 D756,825 Wearable device
10 D756,824 Electronic device
11 D756,823 Wearable device
12 D756,822 Wearable device
13 9,351,400 Electrical connections between conductive contacts
14 9,351,258 Power management and distributed scheduling for uplink transmissions in wireless systems
15 9,351,253 Electronic device with low-power roaming
16 9,351,200 Quality of service control in multiple hop wireless communication environments
17 9,351,102 Accessing a vehicle using portable devices
18 9,351,003 Context re-mapping in CABAC encoder
19 9,350,973 Three-dimensional mapping and imaging
20 9,350,916 Interleaving image processing and image capture operations
21 9,350,786 Progress indicator for loading dynamically-sized contents
22 9,350,778 Management and prioritization of media item downloading
23 9,350,770 Redundant transmission channels for real-time applications on mobile devices
24 9,350,634 Systems and methods for monitoring data and bandwidth usage
25 9,350,465 Methods and apparatus for dynamic wireless device coexistence
26 9,350,326 Voltage sampling scheme with dynamically adjustable sample rates
27 9,350,232 Power supply with continuous spread-spectrum switching signal
28 9,350,125 Reversible USB connector with compliant member to spread stress and increase contact normal force
29 9,350,069 Antenna with switchable inductor low-band tuning
30 9,350,068 Electronic device with dual clutch barrel cavity antennas
31 9,349,507 Reducing signal loss in cables
32 9,349,467 Read threshold estimation in analog memory cells using simultaneous multi-voltage sense
33 9,349,329 Displays with light leakage reduction structures
34 9,349,206 Editing animated objects in video
35 9,349,205 Systems and methods for animating between collection views
36 9,348,987 Electronic device including finger-operated input device based biometric matching and related methods
37 9,348,732 Microstackshots
38 9,348,685 Intermediate database management layer
39 9,348,645 Method and apparatus for inter process priority donation
40 9,348,607 Quiet hours for notifications
41 9,348,589 Enhanced predicate registers having predicates corresponding to element widths
42 9,348,511 Method, system, and graphical user interface for positioning an insertion marker in a touch screen display
43 9,348,481 Viewing and editing media content
44 9,348,475 Integrated in-plane switching
45 9,348,458 Gestures for touch sensitive input devices
46 9,348,452 Writing using a touch sensor
47 9,348,451 Channel scan architecture for multiple stimulus multi-touch sensor panels
48 9,348,423 Integrated processor for 3D mapping
49 9,348,393 Power management scheme that accumulates additional off time for device when off for an extended period and credits additional off time to power control feedback loop when awakened
50 9,348,388 Power management systems for accepting adapter and solar power in electronic devices
51 9,348,372 Friction hinge with embedded counterbalance
52 9,348,169 Border structures for displays
53 9,348,111 Automatic detection of lens deviations
54 9,347,787 Map application with improved search tools
55 9,347,146 Method and apparatus for forming a layered metal structure with an anodized surface