Apple patents granted on 25 March 2014

44 US patents granted on 25 March 2014 and assigned to Apple

1 D701,503 Portable display device with animated graphical user interface
2 D701,502 Portable display device with graphical user interface
3 8,683,556 Electronic devices having adaptive security profiles and methods for selecting the same
4 8,683,456 Test partitioning for a non-volatile memory
5 8,683,378 Scrolling techniques for user interfaces
6 8,683,363 Device, method, and graphical user interface for managing user interface content and user interface elements
7 8,683,301 Error correction coding for recovering multiple packets in a group in view of limited bandwidth
8 8,683,197 Method and apparatus for providing seamless resumption of video playback
9 8,683,190 Circuitry for active cable
10 8,683,178 Sharing a fault-status register when processing vector instructions
11 8,683,135 Prefetch instruction that ignores a cache hit
12 8,683,090 Methods, systems and apparatus for determining whether an accessory includes particular circuitry
13 8,683,037 Background task execution over a network
14 8,683,009 Wireless synchronization between media player and host device
15 8,682,746 Techniques for correlating events to digital media assets
16 8,682,706 Techniques for temporarily holding project stages
17 8,682,667 User profiling for selecting user specific voice input processing information
18 8,682,649 Sentiment prediction from textual data
19 8,682,602 Event recognition
20 8,682,460 System and method for performing audio processing operations by storing information within multiple memories
21 8,682,403 Filter having impedance matching circuits
22 8,682,399 Detecting docking status of a portable device using motion sensor data
23 8,682,308 Over-the-air device configuration
24 8,682,283 Adjusting connection states of a mobile wireless device
25 8,682,020 Speaker magnet thermal management
26 8,682,014 Audio device with a voice coil channel and a separately amplified telecoil channel
27 8,682,003 Equipment with optical paths for noise cancellation signals
28 8,681,976 System and method for device dependent and rate limited key generation
29 8,681,975 Encryption method and apparatus using composition of ciphers
30 8,681,880 Adaptive dithering during image processing
31 8,681,822 System and method for synchronizing media presentation at multiple recipients
32 8,681,791 Outbound transmission of packet based on routing search key constructed from packet destination address and outbound interface
33 8,681,705 Hybrid ARQ schemes with soft combining in variable rate packet data applications
34 8,681,549 Programming schemes for multi-level analog memory cells
35 8,681,546 Variable impedance control for memory devices
36 8,681,361 Authenticating printers prior to pairing with portable electronic devices
37 8,681,250 Electronic device with two image sensors
38 8,681,159 Method and apparatus for switching between graphics sources
39 8,681,106 Devices, methods, and graphical user interfaces for accessibility using a touch-sensitive surface
40 8,681,104 Pinch-throw and translation gestures
41 8,681,093 Motion compensation for screens
42 8,681,056 Handheld electronic device with cable grounding
43 8,679,201 Increasing the stiffness of battery cells for portable electronic devices
44 8,677,640 Magnetometer accuracy and use