Apple patents granted on 26 October 2010

13 US patents granted on 26 October 2010 and assigned to Apple

1 RE41,899 System for ranking the relevance of information objects accessed by computer users
2 D626,142 User interface for computer display
3 D626,134 Graphical user interface for a display screen or portion thereof
4 D626,116 Dock insert
5 7,823,214 Accessory authentication for electronic devices
6 7,823,054 Snapback user interface for accessing different document pages directly without going through intermediate pages
7 7,822,922 Accessing data storage systems without waiting for read errors
8 7,822,898 Method and apparatus for border node behavior on a full-duplex bus
9 7,822,713 Method of managing a calendar and a computer system for implementing that method
10 7,822,118 Method and apparatus for control of rate-distortion tradeoff by mode selection in video encoders
11 7,821,574 Method and apparatus for synchronizing audio and video streams
12 7,821,474 Rendering luminance levels of a high dynamic range display
13 7,819,685 Board connector