Apple patents granted on 27 January 2015

34 US patents granted on 27 January 2015 and assigned to Apple

1 D721,731 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
2 D721,716 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
3 8,943,580 Embedded authentication systems in an electronic device
4 8,943,555 Asset streaming
5 8,943,550 File system access for one or more sandboxed applications
6 8,943,433 Select drag and drop operations on video thumbnails across clip boundaries
7 8,943,410 Modified media presentation during scrubbing
8 8,943,395 Previewing different types of documents
9 8,943,232 System method for enumerating client devices embedded in a user device during reboot, wake up or restart of user device
10 8,943,225 Enhancements to data driven media management within an electronic device
11 8,943,089 Search assistant for digital media assets
12 8,943,026 Visual representation of a local backup
13 8,942,986 Determining user intent based on ontologies of domains
14 8,942,764 Personal media device controlled via user initiated movements utilizing movement based interfaces
15 8,942,750 Power control in a mobile device
16 8,942,729 Location based methods, systems, and program products for performing an action at a user device
17 8,942,725 Location determination using a state space estimator
18 8,942,715 Distributed computing in a wireless communication system
19 8,942,644 Systems and methods for protecting microelectromechanical systems switches from radio-frequency signals using switching circuitry
20 8,942,410 Magnetically biased electromagnet for audio applications
21 8,942,327 Modulation division multiple access
22 8,942,287 Method and apparatus for variable accuracy inter-picture timing specification for digital video encoding with reduced requirements for division operations
23 8,942,227 Enhanced filtering for an IP multimedia subsystem
24 8,942,158 Relaying system and method with partner relays and selective transmission
25 8,942,115 System and method for dynamic routing for push notifications
26 8,942,104 Packet classification and prioritization using a UDP checksum in a mobile wireless device
27 8,941,795 Electronic device with backlit display
28 8,941,775 Systems, methods, and devices for flash exposure control using preflash statistics
29 8,941,706 Image processing for a dual camera mobile device
30 8,941,640 Differential VCOM resistance or capacitance tuning for improved image quality
31 8,940,992 Systems and methods thereof for determining a virtual momentum based on user input
32 8,940,429 Construction of non-rectangular batteries
33 8,939,838 Accessory for playing games with a portable electronic device
34 8,939,037 Embedded data acquisition