Apple patents granted on 28 April 2015

40 US patents granted on 28 April 2015 and assigned to Apple

1 RE45,492 Systems and methods for determining the configuration of electronic connections
2 D727,960 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
3 D727,787 Band attachment
4 9,021,457 Method and system for dynamically resizing enclosed storage device partitions
5 9,021,354 Context sensitive remote device
6 9,021,334 Calculation of analog memory cell readout parameters using code words stored over multiple memory dies
7 9,021,306 Debug access mechanism for duplicate tag storage
8 9,021,288 Method and apparatus for recovery from low power state
9 9,021,215 Storage system exporting internal storage rules
10 9,021,181 Memory management for unifying memory cell conditions by using maximum time intervals
11 9,021,159 Connector adapter
12 9,021,146 High priority command queue for peripheral component
13 9,021,101 Using a property of a received signal to determine a device for forming a network connection
14 9,020,989 Methods and systems for managing data
15 9,020,951 Methods for indexing and searching based on language locale
16 9,020,554 System and method for supporting multi-user antenna beamforming in a cellular network
17 9,020,518 Generalized codebook design method for limited feedback systems
18 9,020,499 Fast cell selection in a mobile wireless device
19 9,020,437 Un-tethered wireless audio system
20 9,020,433 Low power wireless device discovery
21 9,020,177 Method and apparatus for construction of an acoustic module backvolume
22 9,020,163 Near-field null and beamforming
23 9,020,162 Electronic device and external equipment with digital noise cancellation and digital audio path
24 9,020,018 Systems for calibration of wireless electronic devices
25 9,019,984 Selecting wireless access points for geofence monitoring
26 9,019,891 Providing a data function in an access gateway node
27 9,019,710 Devices having flexible printed circuits with bent stiffeners
28 9,019,699 Mass storage device with elastomeric material and related portable computing device and method
29 9,019,428 Electronic device camera module with alignment structures
30 9,019,309 Adaptive image manipulation
31 9,019,300 Framework for graphics animation and compositing operations
32 9,019,291 Multiple quality of service (QoS) thresholds or clock gating thresholds based on memory stress level
33 9,019,267 Depth mapping with enhanced resolution
34 9,019,253 Methods and systems for adjusting color gamut in response to ambient conditions
35 9,019,134 System and method for efficiently translating media files between formats using a universal representation
36 9,019,129 Vehicle location in weak location signal scenarios
37 9,019,068 Method, apparatus and system for automated change of an operating mode relating to a wireless device
38 9,018,091 Methods for forming a sensor array package
39 9,016,534 Laminate lanyards and methods for making the same
40 9,016,469 Gift card carriers