Apple patents granted on 28 June 2016

44 US patents granted on 28 June 2016 and assigned to Apple

1 D760,267 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
2 D760,238 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
3 D760,232 Case
4 D760,217 Electronic device
5 D760,107 Band
6 9,380,672 Methods and apparatus for improving backlight driver efficiency
7 9,380,643 Uplink behavior for a device using multiple radio access technologies
8 9,380,610 System and method for performing emergency calls over WiFi when a cellular network is unavailable
9 9,380,584 Method to control reconfiguration of multiple radio access bearers in a wireless device
10 9,380,558 Multiple network mobile device connection management
11 9,380,557 Adaptive out of service scanning
12 9,380,555 Shared tertiary chain for improved LTE throughput
13 9,380,549 Cellular network assisted proximity services registration procedures and event framework for proximity requests/alerts using session initiation protocol
14 9,380,535 Methods and apparatus for adaptive receiver mode selection during discontinuous reception
15 9,380,507 System and method for transitioning to a vehicle network resource
16 9,380,454 Method and apparatus for using a wireless communication device with multiple service providers
17 9,380,445 Device and method for discovery channel hopping scheme
18 9,380,437 Managing a packet service call within mobile communications user equipment
19 9,380,369 Microphone seal
20 9,380,312 Encoding blocks in video frames containing text using histograms of gradients
21 9,380,225 Systems and methods for receiving infrared data with a camera designed to detect images based on visible light
22 9,380,218 Highlight exposure metric and its applications
23 9,380,123 Activity continuation between electronic devices
24 9,379,606 Discrete narrow-band switching frequency avoidance of a switch mode power converter
25 9,379,445 Electronic device with satellite navigation system slot antennas
26 9,379,427 Methods for manufacturing an antenna tuning element in an electronic device
27 9,379,097 Fan-out PoP stacking process
28 9,379,092 Micro device with stabilization post
29 9,379,037 Thermal module accounting for increased board/die size in a portable computer
30 9,378,809 Relaxing verification conditions in memory programming and erasure operations
31 9,378,755 Detecting a user’s voice activity using dynamic probabilistic models of speech features
32 9,378,577 Animations
33 9,378,340 Methods and systems for upgrade and synchronization of securely installed applications on a computing device
34 9,378,281 Systems and methods for presenting data items
35 9,378,150 Memory management unit with prefetch ability
36 9,378,146 Operand cache design
37 9,378,117 Queue debugging using stored backtrace information
38 9,378,007 Pre-heated software installation
39 9,377,907 Self capacitance implementation method
40 9,377,865 Zoom-based gesture user interface
41 9,377,863 Gaze-enhanced virtual touchscreen
42 9,377,821 Invisible, light-transmissive display system
43 9,377,412 Electronic device having components with stress visualization features
44 9,375,788 Amorphous alloy component or feedstock and methods of making the same