Apple patents granted on 29 December 2015

49 US patents granted on 29 December 2015 and assigned to Apple

1 9,226,435 Printed circuit board with integral radio-frequency shields
2 9,226,347 Displays with vias
3 9,226,208 Apparatus and methods for resolving incomplete message content in networks
4 9,226,203 Method for implementing autonomous management of radio resources across dual networks
5 9,226,175 Adaptive use of receiver diversity
6 9,226,174 Improving reception by a wireless communication device
7 9,226,111 Pathway matching
8 9,226,076 Evacuation of liquid from acoustic space
9 9,225,991 Adaptive color space transform coding
10 9,225,988 Adaptive color space transform coding
11 9,225,573 OFDM system and method employing OFDM symbols with known or information-containing prefixes
12 9,225,398 Multi-user MIMO-SDMA for finite rate feedback systems
13 9,225,359 Configurable and low power encoder for cyclic error correction codes
14 9,225,115 Retention key lock for board-to-board connectors
15 9,225,112 Portable user device with a clip having electrical terminals
16 9,225,056 Antenna on sapphire structure
17 9,224,590 Finger biometric sensor including sliding motion and static positioning based biometric data generation and related methods
18 9,224,529 Multi-pole magnetization of a magnet
19 9,224,378 Systems and methods thereof for determining a virtual momentum based on user input
20 9,224,364 Apparatus and method for interacting with handheld carrier hosting media content
21 9,224,218 System and method for loading and rendering curved features in a map
22 9,224,217 Analytical charting
23 9,224,187 Wavefront order to scan order synchronization
24 9,224,186 Memory latency tolerance in block processing pipelines
25 9,224,029 Electronic device switchable to a user-interface unlocked mode based upon a pattern of input motions and related methods
26 9,223,958 Accessory authentication for electronic devices
27 9,223,787 Systems and methods for sideband communication between device and host to minimize file corruption
28 9,223,771 Locking spreadsheet cells
29 9,223,742 Data structures for facilitating communication between a host device and an accessory
30 9,223,631 Performing an operation using multiple services
31 9,223,590 System and method for issuing commands to applications based on contextual information
32 9,223,577 Processing multi-destination instruction in pipeline by splitting for single destination operations stage and merging for opcode execution operations stage
33 9,223,548 Method and apparatus for providing an application canvas framework
34 9,223,465 User interface for multiple display regions
35 9,223,436 Full scale calibration measurement for multi-touch surfaces
36 9,223,424 Electronic device signal routing structures with conductive adhesive
37 9,223,397 Personal computing device control using face detection and recognition
38 9,223,352 Electronic device with electromagnetic shielding
39 9,223,349 Low-force dust seal
40 9,223,345 Assembly of a handheld electronic device
41 9,223,167 Liquid crystal switching barrier thermal control
42 9,223,162 Display having a flexured element
43 9,223,118 Small form factor telephoto camera
44 9,222,787 System and method for acquiring map portions based on expected signal strength of route segments
45 9,221,715 Chemical strengthening of anti-reflective coatings (ARC)
46 9,221,289 Sapphire window
47 9,221,125 Laser processing of display components for electronic devices
48 D746,317 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
49 D746,315 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface