Apple patents granted on 29 March 2011

21 US patents granted on 29 March 2011 and assigned to Apple

1 D635,256 Medical inspection device
2 D635,123 Electronic device
3 7,917,892 User interface driven by dynamic state changes
4 7,917,861 User interface elements cloning and transitions
5 7,917,846 Web clip using anchoring
6 7,917,796 Method and apparatus for the generation and control of clock signals
7 7,917,784 Methods and systems for power management in a data processing system
8 7,917,678 Method and apparatus for frame buffer management
9 7,917,661 Wireless home and office appliance management and integration
10 7,917,516 Updating an inverted index
11 7,917,360 Echo avoidance in audio time stretching
12 7,917,358 Transient detection by power weighted average
13 7,916,963 Method and apparatus for an intuitive digital image processing system that enhances digital images
14 7,916,941 Methods and apparatuses for restoring color and enhancing electronic images
15 7,916,467 Methods and apparatuses for docking a portable electronic device that has a planar like configuration and that operates in multiple orientations
16 7,916,126 Bottom-up watershed dataflow method and region-specific segmentation based on historic data to identify patches on a touch sensor panel
17 7,916,089 Antenna isolation for portable electronic devices
18 7,915,987 Acoustic noise reduction in power supply inductors
19 7,915,920 Low latency, power-down safe level shifter
20 7,915,910 Dynamic voltage and frequency management
21 7,914,320 Cable connector assembly with sticky film