Apple patents granted on 30 April 2013

42 US patents granted on 30 April 2013 and assigned to Apple

1 D681,056 Electronic device
2 D681,032 Electronic device
3 D681,015 Earphone
4 D680,895 Lanyard
5 8,434,146 Access control based on development profiles
6 8,434,061 System and method for array obfuscation
7 8,434,059 Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for fertilizing machine-executable code
8 8,434,048 Method for implementing power gating in an integrated circuit design logic block including N-nary dynamic logic (NDL) gates
9 8,434,028 System and method for integrating media objects
10 8,433,940 Conserving power by reducing voltage supplied to an instruction-processing portion of a processor
11 8,433,901 System and method for wiping encrypted data on a device having file-level content protection
12 8,433,878 User equipment buffer management in multiple-input multiple-output communication systems
13 8,433,873 Disposition instructions for extended access commands
14 8,433,828 Accessory protocol for touch screen device accessibility
15 8,433,813 Audio processing optimization in a multi-participant conference
16 8,433,805 Method and system for facilitating contacting people using electronic devices
17 8,433,755 Dynamic designation of a central distributor in a multi-participant conference
18 8,433,707 Reverse geo-coding for track path
19 8,433,334 Managing a location database for network-based positioning system
20 8,433,298 Enabling mid-call services to be added to a communication session by a wireless device
21 8,433,135 Image adjustment using extended range curves
22 8,432,942 Providing a timing source for multiple nodes coupled to a circuit-switched network
23 8,432,836 Wireless circuitry with simultaneous voice and data capabilities and reduced intermodulation distortion
24 8,432,810 Techniques for reducing buffer overflow in a communication system
25 8,432,756 Collision prevention in a dual port memory
26 8,432,696 Using a battery pack to facilitate thermal transfer in a portable electronic device
27 8,432,679 Silicone barrier for drive window
28 8,432,678 Component assembly
29 8,432,509 Portable computer display housing
30 8,432,479 Range measurement using a zoom camera
31 8,432,472 Camera for displaying digital images
32 8,432,461 Wireless camera with automatic wake-up and transfer capability and transfer status display
33 8,432,456 Digital camera for sharing digital images
34 8,432,396 Reflections in a multidimensional user interface environment
35 8,432,395 Method and apparatus for surface contour mapping
36 8,432,371 Touch screen liquid crystal display
37 8,432,364 Charge recycling for multi-touch controllers
38 8,432,322 Electronic devices with capacitive proximity sensors for proximity-based radio-frequency power control
39 8,432,267 Method and apparatus to remotely set alarms on a mobile device
40 8,432,185 Receiver circuits for differential and single-ended signals
41 8,432,133 Method and system for charging a series battery
42 8,432,102 Systems and methods for multi-state switch networks