Canon patent applications published on 05 January 2006

70 US patent applications published on 05 January 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 20060005242 Information processing apparatus and controlling method of the same
2 20060005195 Information processor and information processing method
3 20060005159 Information processing apparatus, image edit apparatus, and control methods thereof, and computer program and computer-readable storage medium
4 20060005140 User interface for workflow system
5 20060005044 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
6 20060005038 Image forming apparatus, controlling method for image forming apparatus, control program for image forming apparatus and storage medium storing program therein
7 20060004728 Method, apparatus, and program for retrieving data
8 20060004280 Placement information estimating method and information processing device
9 20060004124 Polymer compound, process for producing the same, polymer-containing composition, ink-applying process, and ink-applying apparatus
10 20060004116 Active energy ray curable aqueous ink composition, and inkjet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, and inkjet recording apparatus using the same
11 20060003660 Method of manufacturing electron-emitting device, electron source using electron-emitting device, method of manufacturing image display apparatus, and information display reproduction apparatus using image display apparatus manufactured by the method
12 20060003480 Method of manufacturing thick dielectric pattern and method of manufacturing image displaying apparatus
13 20060003269 Resist pattern forming method, substrate processing method, and device manufacturing method
14 20060003264 Manufacturing method of thick film member pattern
15 20060003236 Photomask and near-field exposure method
16 20060003171 Compound and organic electroluminescense device using the same
17 20060002752 Information processing apparatus and its control method, and computer program and computer-readable storage medium
18 20060002750 Image forming apparatus
19 20060002738 Image forming apparatus facilitating removal of recording material from opening/closing portion
20 20060002731 Image forming apparatus with manual inhibiting of plural image retention forming mode and control method therefor
21 20060002730 Fixing device and image forming apparatus
22 20060002726 Image sensing apparatus, printing apparatus, and direct printing system having them
23 20060002723 Image forming apparatus
24 20060002702 Light quantity adjusting apparatus, image pickup apparatus and optical apparatus
25 20060002680 Recording apparatus and a recording method
26 20060002602 Image processing method, apparatus, and storage medium for recognition or irradiation area
27 20060002593 Information processing apparatus and method, computer-readable memory, and program
28 20060002591 Image reading apparatus and method of controlling image reading apparatus
29 20060002584 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, computer program and computer readable storage medium
30 20060002352 Information processing device, printing device, printing system, system setting method, storage medium storing computer-readable program, and program
31 20060002314 Information communication system, information communication method, information signal processing device and information signal processing method, and storage medium
32 20060001941 Oscillating device
33 20060001932 Image editing system and method therefor
34 20060001912 Image processing apparatus and method
35 20060001910 Image processing method, image display apparatus, and television apparatus
36 20060001908 Print server apparatus, print job reservation management method, reservation job generation method and memory medium
37 20060001907 Network system and control method of the same
38 20060001906 Print server, method, and system capable of handling different kinds of data
39 20060001905 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
40 20060001903 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
41 20060001901 Job processing apparatus
42 20060001896 Information processing apparatus and control method therefor, and computer program and computer-readable storage medium
43 20060001895 Reproducing apparatus
44 20060001889 Positioning apparatus and photolithography apparatus including the same
45 20060001853 Exposure apparatus and method of cleaning optical element of the same
46 20060001785 Display apparatus and method for controlling the same
47 20060001784 Driving circuit of display element, image display apparatus, and television apparatus
48 20060001760 Apparatus and method for object shape detection
49 20060001746 Processing device and image sensing apparatus
50 20060001734 Image printing apparatus and image printing method
51 20060001724 Sheet feeding/conveying method and sheet feeding/conveying apparatus
52 20060001720 Printing apparatus and information processing apparatus, control method thereof, program, and storage medium
53 20060001716 Liquid container and recording apparatus
54 20060001686 Data processing apparatus, control method therefor, and program
55 20060001681 Method of rendering graphic objects
56 20060001661 Display device and television device
57 20060001500 Modulation circuit, driving circuit and output method
58 20060001499 Modulation-signal generator circuit, image display apparatus and television apparatus
59 20060001432 Electric potential sensor, and image forming apparatus
60 20060001369 Image display method and image display device
61 20060001358 Producing method for substrate, producing apparatus for substrate, producing method for image display apparatus and image display apparatus
62 20060001357 Image display apparatus
63 20060001345 Image display apparatus
64 20060001117 Semiconductor device, optoelectronic board, and production methods therefor
65 20060000825 Image forming apparatus
66 20060000819 Image heating apparatus and heater used therefor
67 20060000520 Developer supply container
68 20060000386 Printing medium coating solution, ink-jet ink, image forming method, set of printing medium coating solution and ink-jet ink, and ink-jet recording apparatus
69 20060000378 Positioning apparatus and method of manufacturing same
70 20060000081 Manufacturing method for electronic device with functional thin film