Canon patent applications published on 11 May 2006

33 US patent applications published on 11 May 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 20060101109 Network service system, service proxy processing method, computer-readable storage medium storing program, and program therefor
2 20060100724 Image forming apparatus having reduced power consumption mode, control method therefor, network system including the image forming apparatus, and control method therefor
3 20060100311 Aqueous ink, ink-jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, ink-jet recording apparatus and image forming method
4 20060100310 Image forming method, and set of ink compositions and image forming apparatus, which are applicable to the image forming method
5 20060100046 Image forming apparatus
6 20060099732 Field effect transistor and method of producing the same
7 20060099424 Multilayer injection compression molding method using recycled material, and molded product molded through the same
8 20060099111 Liquid analysis system and cartridge
9 20060099008 Image forming apparatus
10 20060099003 Optional apparatus for image forming apparatus
11 20060098996 Image forming apparatus
13 20060098975 Lens barrel unit with lens barrier, and camera
14 20060098691 Data carrier device, data carrier driving device, data communication system using data carrier driving device and data communication method
15 20060098540 Optical information recording/reproducing apparatus comprising spherical aberration mechanism
16 20060098229 Image processing apparatus and method of controlling an image processing apparatus
17 20060098219 Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and program
18 20060098215 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof, and computer program and computer-readable storage medium
19 20060098124 Moving image processing apparatus and method, and computer readable memory
20 20060098110 Display control apparatus and display control method
21 20060098099 Image processing system, image supply apparatus, image receiving apparatus, lighting apparatus and controlling method therefor
22 20060098073 Recording apparatus and control method thereof
23 20060098068 Aqueous ink, aqueous ink set, ink cartridge, ink-jet recording apparatus, ink-jet recording method, and image-forming method
24 20060098067 Aqueous ink, ink set, and image-forming method
25 20060098055 Liquid discharge recording head and method for manufacturing same
26 20060098053 Ink jet head circuit board, method of manufacturing the same and ink jet head using the same
27 20060098051 Liquid discharge head and method for manufacturing such head
28 20060098050 Ink jet recording head and producing method therefor
29 20060097585 Positioning apparatus, exposure apparatus using thereof and device manufacturing method
30 20060097445 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
31 20060097227 Phenanthroline compound and organic light emitting device using same
32 20060096850 Process and apparatus for decomposition treatment of volatile chlorinated organic compound
33 20060096498 Cyan ink and ink set