Canon patent applications published on 12 October 2006

46 US patent applications published on 12 October 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 20060230398 Install processing apparatus, processing method, storage medium, and program
2 20060230285 Data recording device and access control method
3 20060230091 Method and apparatus for compressing image data
4 20060229871 State output probability calculating method and apparatus for mixture distribution HMM
5 20060229425 Blade for electrophotographic apparatus
6 20060228977 Electron emitting device using carbon fiber; electron source; image display device; method of manufacturing the electron emitting device; method of manufacturing electron source using the electron emitting device; and method of manufacturing image display device
7 20060228951 Anode cap, and voltage supply unit and image display apparatus utilizing the same
8 20060228583 Luminescence device and display apparatus
9 20060228478 Method for manufacturing carbon fibers and method for manufacturing electron emitting device using the same, method for manufacturing display, and ink for producing catalyst for use in these methods
10 20060228469 Color filter manufacturing method and apparatus, ink-jet device, color filter, display device, and apparatus having display device
11 20060228260 Optical analysis device
12 20060228139 Image forming apparatus
13 20060228132 Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
14 20060228129 Image forming apparatus and method for controlling an image forming operation of primarily transferring an image onto an intermediate transfer member
15 20060228127 Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
16 20060228126 Image forming apparatus and method
17 20060228123 Image forming apparatus, image forming system, and method of controlling image forming apparatus
18 20060228068 Optical interconnection device, photoelectric mixedly mounted device and electronic equipment using same
19 20060228035 Image processing device and image processing method
20 20060228027 Dynamically reconfigurable signal processing circuit, pattern recognition apparatus, and image processing apparatus
21 20060228005 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
22 20060227970 Image display system
23 20060227644 Image processing apparatus, backup processing method, storage medium storing program readable by computer, and program
24 20060227429 Zoom lens and imaging apparatus including the same
25 20060227396 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
26 20060227392 Image reading apparatus
27 20060227389 Image reader and image forming apparatus
28 20060227378 Data storage device, data storage method, and program thereof
29 20060227374 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
30 20060227373 Image forming management apparatus, system, method and program
31 20060227372 Print controller, control method therefor and program
32 20060227362 Image processing system for preventing forgery
33 20060227361 Printer and control method therefor
34 20060227357 Image forming apparatus, image forming method and printing apparatus
35 20060227340 Position sensing apparatus, and position sensing method
36 20060227313 Exposure apparatus
37 20060227211 Method and apparatus for measuring position and orientation
38 20060227205 Image forming apparatus
39 20060227195 Image forming method and image forming apparatus
40 20060227151 Information processing method and apparatus
41 20060227078 Driving apparatus, driver circuit, and image display apparatus
42 20060227033 Remote control device
43 20060227017 Information encoding by shortened reed-solomon codes
44 20060226987 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
45 20060226572 Electrophotographic endless belt, electrophotographic apparatus, and process for producing electrophotographic endless belt
46 20060226218 Security management software, print control device, and security management method of print control device