Canon patent applications published on 15 June 2006

72 US patent applications published on 15 June 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 20060129404 Speech synthesis apparatus, control method therefor, and computer-readable memory
2 20060129364 Design support program and design support method
3 20060129351 Information processing apparatus and method for solving simultaneous linear equations
5 20060128828 Amphiphilic block copolymer, polymer-containing composition containing the same, and method and apparatus for applying liquid using the polymer-containing composition
6 20060127813 Pattern forming method and method of manufacturing ink jet recording head
7 20060127793 Carrier, two-component developer, and image forming method
8 20060127786 Toner for developing electrostatic images
9 20060127783 Process for producing negative charging electrophotographic photosensive member, negative charging electrophotographic photosensitive member, and electrophotographic apparatus using same
10 20060127773 Electrode structure for lithium secondary battery and secondary battery having such electrode structure
11 20060127617 Electrophotographic belt, production method of electrophotographic belt, and electrophotographic apparatus
12 20060127602 Nanostructure and process of production thereof
13 20060127277 Biochemical processing apparatus
14 20060127156 Printing apparatus and printing method
15 20060127148 Image forming apparatus with paper thickness detection unit for detecting overlap of regular and insertion sheets
17 20060127146 Cleaning member, cleaning unit, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image-forming apparatus
18 20060127144 Image heating apparatus
19 20060127143 Image Forming Apparatus and Image Forming Method
21 20060127140 Image forming apparatus
22 20060127139 Image forming apparatus
23 20060127138 Semiconductive endless belt and electrophotographic apparatus
24 20060127134 Image forming apparatus featuring a transparent image forming station to achieve uniform gloss
25 20060127133 Image forming apparatus
26 20060127128 Image forming apparatus and process cartridge
27 20060127124 Image Forming Apparatus
28 20060127120 Image forming apparatus
29 20060127115 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
30 20060127114 Image-forming apparatus and image-forming method
31 20060127113 Image forming apparatus and method for forming images
32 20060127112 Image forming apparatus
33 20060126735 Image-encoding apparatus, image-encoding method, computer program, and computer-readable medium
34 20060126148 Optical scanning unit and image forming apparatus
35 20060126132 Image-reading apparatus
36 20060126120 Image recording apparatus, method of generating print data for the same, and control program for implementing the method
37 20060126113 Printing apparatus, and control method and control program of the apparatus
38 20060126099 Image forming apparatus, method of controlling the same, and program for implementing the method
39 20060126092 Image forming apparatus and its control method
40 20060126084 Information processing apparatus and information processing method for processing document data having a plurality of objects different in attribution
42 20060126029 Projection optical system
43 20060125952 Image-capturing device and method for controlling same
44 20060125949 Image pickup apparatus and image pickup system
45 20060125934 Image pickup apparatus adapted to carry out parallel operations and control method
46 20060125896 Ink tank, ink jet recording method, and ink tank regeneration process
47 20060125895 Reaction liquid, set of ink composition and reaction liquid, and image recording method
48 20060125889 Ink tank, recording head and package including the ink tank and the recording head
49 20060125884 Method of manufacturing liquid discharging head, and liquid discharging head
50 20060125881 Substrate for inkjet recording head and inkjet recording head using the same
51 20060125877 Liquid ejection head
52 20060125875 Wiper blade member for ink jet recording head, ink jet recording apparatus having wiper blade and ink jet recording method
53 20060125872 Head substrate, recording head, head cartridge and recording apparatus therewith
54 20060125871 Substrate for ink jet recording head, driving control method, ink jet recording head, and ink jet recording apparatus
55 20060125869 Ink jet recording apparatus and method and program for checking nozzles thereof
56 20060125865 Inkjet printing system
57 20060125853 Inkjet recording apparatus and inkjet recording method
58 20060125776 Display apparatus
59 20060125731 Image Display Apparatus
60 20060125637 Radio frequency tag
61 20060125378 Aminoanthryl derivative substitution compound and organic electroluminescence device using the same
62 20060125374 Image forming apparatus
63 20060125370 Producing method for electron-emitting device and electron source, and image display apparatus utilizing producing method for electron-emitting device
64 20060125171 Sheet treating apparatus and image forming apparatus
65 20060124977 Solid-state image sensing device and camera system using the same
66 20060124961 Semiconductor substrate, manufacturing method thereof, and semiconductor device
67 20060124934 Thin film transistor, production method and production apparatus therefor
68 20060124929 Semiconductor substrate for solid-state image pickup device and producing method therefor
69 20060124834 Near-field light generating method, near-field exposure mask, and near-field exposure method and apparatus
70 20060124032 Dispersible colorant, method of producing same, aqueous ink using same, ink tank, ink jet recording apparatus, ink jet recording method, and ink jet recorded image
71 20060124027 Ink, ink set, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, and ink jet recording apparatus
72 20060123900 Sensor