Canon patent applications published on 16 March 2006

46 US patent applications published on 16 March 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 20060059462 Embedded device, control method therefor, program for implementing the control method, and storage medium storing the program
2 20060059415 Data processing system, control method therefor, document input apparatus, control method therefor, document managing apparatus, control method therefor, programs for implementing the control methods, and storage media storing the control programs
3 20060059375 Storage medium access control method
4 20060059211 Information processing method and information processing apparatus
5 20060059202 Image capture device
6 20060059093 Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and computer program
7 20060058422 Ink set for use in ink-jet recording, image forming process and image recording apparatus
8 20060057485 Process for producing colorant dispersoid
9 20060057483 Toner
10 20060057296 Thin film having porous structure and method for manufacturing porous structured materials
11 20060057279 Electron-emitting device, electron source substrate, electron beam apparatus, display apparatus, and manufacturing method thereof
12 20060056891 Image heating apparatus including flexible metallic sleeve, and heater used for this apparatus
13 20060056864 Image forming apparatus and image control method
14 20060056861 Sheet transport apparatus and image forming apparatus
15 20060056860 Sheet transport apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
16 20060056858 Image forming apparatus, cartridge, and storage medium
17 20060056801 Data playback device, control method therefor, computer program, and recording medium
18 20060056757 Optical connection device and optoelectronic hybrid apparatus including the same
19 20060056713 Image coding apparatus and image coding method
20 20060056660 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
21 20060056278 Devices and methods of modulation and demodulation enabling the extension or replacement of a communications link, corresponding sender and receiver
22 20060056221 Readout circuit, solid state image pickup device using the same circuit, and camera system using the same
23 20060056059 Drive control apparatus for zoom lens apparatus
24 20060056057 Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus having the same
25 20060055995 Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
26 20060055987 Image optical system and image reading apparatus equipped with same
27 20060055985 Color-noise reduction circuit and image-sensing apparatus therewith
28 20060055969 Print system and information processing apparatus
29 20060055968 Job processing method, data processing system, data processing apparatus, computer program, and storage medium
30 20060055953 Image supply device and control method of the same and printing system
31 20060055898 Video projection apparatus
32 20060055888 Projector-type image display apparatus
33 20060055830 Display apparatus and display method
34 20060055791 Image capture device
35 20060055766 Image forming system, image forming method and image forming apparatus
36 20060055731 Ink jet head, ink jet printer and method for manufacturing ink jet head
37 20060055715 Ink jet recording method, recording apparatus, and recorded object
38 20060055713 Color display element, method for driving color display element, and display apparatus having color display element
39 20060055637 Image display apparatus
40 20060055301 Spacer for image display apparatus and image display apparatus
41 20060055253 Stepping motor
42 20060054842 Information detecting device, sheet material processing apparatus equipped with information detecting device, and signal output device
43 20060054834 Image pick-up apparatus and image pick-up system
44 20060054799 Optical scanner and image forming apparatus using the same
45 20060054507 Method for producing porous body
46 20060054078 Liquid-phase growth apparatus and method