Canon patent applications published on 19 January 2006

36 US patent applications published on 19 January 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 20060015797 Information reproducing method and information recording reproducing apparatus with maximum likelihood decoding
2 20060015759 Computer peripheral device, its control method, image pickup device, storage medium, computer system, and computer
3 20060015734 Communication system, image processing apparatus, image processing method, authentication server, image managing method, image managing program, and image processing system
4 20060015534 Querying of copyright host, printing of copyright information and host registration copyright data
5 20060015514 Information processing method and information processing apparatus
6 20060015339 Database annotation and retrieval
7 20060014954 Microporous structure of an organic metal complex
8 20060014921 Polyhydroxyalkanoate containing amide group, sulfonic group, and sulfonate ester group, method for producing the same, and charge control agent, toner, image forming method, and image forming apparatus
9 20060014108 Resist pattern forming method based on near-field exposure, and substrate processing method and device manufacturing method using the resist pattern forming method
10 20060014095 Black toner with defined loss tangent
11 20060014047 Luminescence device, display apparatus and metal coordination compound
12 20060013618 Developing device, developing cartridge, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus using these
13 20060013567 Electronic device, video camera apparatus, and control method therefor
14 20060013465 Imaging apparatus, control method thereof, and program
15 20060013304 Image encoding apparatus and decoding apparatus, image encoding method and decoding method, image encoding program and decoding program, and recording medium
16 20060013249 Interface device with network isolation
17 20060012835 Image processing apparatus, control method therefor, and control program therefor
18 20060012825 Image reading apparatus, image reading method and image reading system
19 20060012824 Image processing apparatus, image processing system and image processing method
20 20060012823 Image forming apparatus, control method, control program, job managing apparatus, job processing method, and job managing program
21 20060012820 Image processing to prevent forgery
22 20060012769 Illumination optical system and exposure apparatus using the same
23 20060012767 Projection optical system, exposure apparatus, and exposure method
24 20060012706 Image processing apparatus
25 20060012700 Lens apparatus and image synthesis system
26 20060012657 Aqueous fluorescent ink, image recording method and recorded image
27 20060012648 Piezoelectric element
28 20060012641 Liquid ejection element and manufacturing method therefor
29 20060012640 Liquid ejection element and manufacturing method therefor
30 20060012639 Liquid ejection element and manufacturing method therefor
31 20060012615 Control apparatus and method for image display
32 20060012614 Color display device and driving method thereof
33 20060012579 Coordinate input apparatus and its control method
34 20060012051 Production process and production apparatus of three-dimensionally structured material
35 20060011552 Apparatus and method for separating magnetic particles
36 20060011097 Ink jet recording ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, and ink jet recording apparatus