Canon patent applications published on 23 March 2006

50 US patent applications published on 23 March 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 20060064597 Image processing device, document data transmission method, program, and storage medium for image processing device
2 20060064460 Image communication apparatus, image communication method, and memory medium
3 20060064361 Server apparatus for providing display screen through network, control method therefor, and program therefor
4 20060063459 Method for producing electron beam apparatus
5 20060063082 Toner
6 20060062909 Mesostructured thin film, mesoporous thin film, and process for production thereof
7 20060062903 Process and apparatus for producing a substrate having a coating resin layer
8 20060062670 Fan unit and optical apparatus
9 20060062610 Image forming apparatus
10 20060062604 Toner supply container and image forming apparatus
11 20060062597 Charging roller
12 20060062589 Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
13 20060062584 Rotation control and heating control for a fixing rotatable member in rotational induction-heating type apparatus
14 20060062557 Camera system, image capturing apparatus, and a method of an image capturing apparatus
15 20060062433 Image sensing apparatus and control method thereof
16 20060062352 Solid-state image pickup device and radiation image pickup device
17 20060062309 Coding/decoding apparatus
18 20060062120 Recording apparatus using disc-like recording medium
19 20060062092 Image pickup apparatus equipped with light emitting device and control method thereof
20 20060061879 Projection optical system and projection exposure apparatus
21 20060061872 Zoom lens and image projection apparatus including the same
22 20060061865 Optical scanning apparatus
23 20060061840 Image processing apparatus, its calibration method, and image processing method
24 20060061835 Linear image sensor, image reading apparatus using the same, image reading method, and program for implementing the method
25 20060061821 Image communication apparatus and method
26 20060061808 Processing of multiple data transfer jobs
27 20060061794 Method of drawing image, circuit therefor, and image output control apparatus
28 20060061793 Information processing apparatus and method
29 20060061785 Color processing apparatus and its method, program, and printer driver
30 20060061777 Modifying digital documents
31 20060061745 Exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
32 20060061741 Temperature adjusting system and expsoure apparatus incorporating the same
33 20060061734 Projection display apparatus
34 20060061712 Reflective liquid crystal display apparatus
35 20060061674 Solid state imaging device, method of manufacturing same, and digital camera
36 20060061668 Image pickup apparatus for clamping optical black level to a predetermined level
37 20060061626 Substrate for ink jet head, ink jet head utilizing the same and producing method therefor
38 20060061623 Liquid ejection head, recording apparatus having same and manufacturing method therefor
39 20060061617 Inkjet recording device and recovery processing method
40 20060061510 Planar antenna apparatus
41 20060061403 Input circuit, display device and information display apparatus
42 20060061289 Electron emission device, electron source, and image display having dipole layer
43 20060061258 Light emitting screen structure and image forming apparatus
44 20060061032 Sheet stacking/aligning apparatus, sheet handling apparatus, and image forming apparatus
45 20060061031 Sheet feeding device with plural sheet feeding means feeding in opposite directions to sheet post-processing system
46 20060060924 Field-effect transistor and sensor, and methods of manufacturing the same
47 20060060777 Apparatus and method for evaluating cross section of specimen
48 20060060775 Measurement method of electron beam current, electron beam writing system and electron beam detector
49 20060060288 Adhesive and method of manufacturing image display apparatus using the same
50 20060060109 Process for producing pigment complex and pigment-containing composition