Canon patent applications published on 25 May 2006

37 US patent applications published on 25 May 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 20060112466 Nanostructure, electronic device and method of manufacturing the same
2 20060112408 Displaying data associated with a data item
3 20060112330 Layout method, program, and device
4 20060112195 Electronic device and control method therefor
5 20060112088 Information search apparatus and method, and computer readable memory
6 20060112021 Printing apparatus, control method thereof, and recording medium
7 20060110867 Field effect transistor manufacturing method
8 20060110693 Exposure method and apparatus, exposure mask, and device manufacturing method
9 20060110635 Fuel cell system, gas replacement method for fuel cell system, and device for fuel cell system
10 20060110181 Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
11 20060110176 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
12 20060110174 Image forming apparatus
13 20060110073 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and storage medium
14 20060110061 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, storage medium, and program
15 20060109769 Method and apparatus for recording and reproducing multi-level information
16 20060109757 Automatic focusing apparatus, laser processing apparatus, and laser cutting apparatus
17 20060109557 Optical system
18 20060109545 Optical element with antireflection film
19 20060109528 Image processing apparatus managing user profiles, image processing method managing user profiles, and storage medium thereof
20 20060109504 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
21 20060109491 Image forming apparatus, cartridge, and storing device mounted to the cartridge
22 20060109387 Display apparatus and its lamp-lighting mechanism
23 20060109360 Solid-state image device and camera including solid-state image device
24 20060109326 Ink jet printing method, ink jet printing apparatus
25 20060109324 Ink jet ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, and ink jet recording apparatus
26 20060109322 Ink jet printing method and ink jet printing apparatus
27 20060109315 Method of manufacturing liquid discharge head, and liquid discharge head
28 20060109300 Ink jet printing apparatus and preliminary ejecting method
29 20060109292 Head substrate, printhead, head cartridge, and printing apparatus using the printhead or head cartridge
30 20060109281 Video display apparatus
31 20060108683 Semiconductor device, radiographic imaging apparatus, and method for manufacturing the same
32 20060108636 Amorphous oxide and field effect transistor
33 20060108529 Sensor and image pickup device
34 20060108416 Unauthorized access prevention method
35 20060108339 Laser processing apparatus and laser processing method
36 20060108338 Laser cutting apparatus and laser cutting method
37 20060108219 Chemical sensor and chemical sensor apparatus