Canon patents granted on 01 June 2010

58 US patents granted on 01 June 2010 and assigned to Canon

1 7,730,541 Data processing apparatus including data erasure in response to power loss and data erasing method therefor
2 7,730,526 Management of physical security credentials at a multi-function device
3 7,730,490 System with user access-control information having signature and flow setting information for controlling order of performance of functions
4 7,730,417 Terminal apparatus, network system, window display method, and computer program
5 7,730,225 Information processing apparatus, information transmission method, and control program therefor
6 7,730,224 Program and method for managing device driver and information processing apparatus
7 7,730,191 Information processing apparatus requesting registration with peripheral, and peripheral determining whether to accept registration request of information processing apparatus
8 7,730,100 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
9 7,729,654 Cleaning apparatus and image forming apparatus
10 7,729,650 Image forming apparatus
11 7,729,646 Image forming apparatus
12 7,729,643 Developer supplying cartridge, developer receiving cartridge, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
13 7,729,641 Imaging forming apparatus
14 7,729,628 Image heating apparatus including a transition temperature lower than a target low temperature
15 7,729,609 Image sensing apparatus and control method
16 7,729,547 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
17 7,729,535 Color characterization of high dynamic range image capture devices
18 7,729,534 Image-processing device and image-processing method for extracting a recognition-target area including a character from a target image
19 7,729,469 X-ray imaging apparatus
20 7,729,213 Optical disk apparatus employing an objective lens having a high numerical aperture
21 7,729,023 Image reading apparatus and image reading method
22 7,729,019 Image reading system and image reading program
23 7,729,005 Image forming apparatus and its control method
24 7,728,994 Image forming apparatus, control method therefor, control program and image forming system
25 7,728,993 Image forming apparatus, control method and storage medium in which a selecting device selects a print function or a copy function
26 7,728,992 Data processing apparatus, print control method, computer-readable storage medium, and program stored therein
27 7,728,891 Image sensor
28 7,728,886 Image recording apparatus and method
29 7,728,862 Optical scanning apparatus
30 7,728,861 Optical device
31 7,728,852 Image processing method and image processing apparatus
32 7,728,849 Image editing apparatus and control method for the same, computer program, storage media
33 7,728,797 Organic electroluminescence display apparatus, method of producing the same, and method of repairing a defect
34 7,728,501 Image display apparatus and video signal receiving and display apparatus
35 7,728,469 Motor driving apparatus
36 7,727,918 Optical glass
37 7,727,691 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
38 7,727,619 Developer carrying member and developing apparatus
39 7,727,411 Manufacturing method of substrate for ink jet head and manufacturing method of ink jet recording head
40 7,727,410 Process for formation of three-dimensional photonic crystal
41 7,727,409 Magnetoresistance effect device and method of production thereof
42 7,727,365 Suction pad and substrate treatment apparatus
43 7,727,325 Method for manufacturing pigment dispersion
44 7,727,135 Conductive rubber roller
45 7,727,134 Developing roller, process for its production, developing assembly and image forming apparatus
46 7,726,964 Molding apparatus and molding method
47 7,726,889 Optical device and method for removing foreign substances from the optical device
48 7,726,879 X-ray imaging apparatus, control method for x-ray imaging apparatus, program, and storage medium
49 7,726,793 Ink container
50 7,726,792 Ink tank for liquid printing apparatus, method of manufacturing same, liquid printing apparatus with same, and method of detecting remaining ink
51 7,726,775 Liquid ejection recording head and liquid ejection recording apparatus
52 7,726,768 Ink jet printing apparatus and printing method
53 7,726,767 Image processing method and ink jet printing apparatus
54 7,726,763 Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
55 7,726,757 Image forming apparatus and information processing method
56 7,726,641 Image forming apparatus, sheet processing apparatus, and method of controlling the sheet processing apparatus
57 7,726,640 Sheet cutting apparatus
58 7,726,638 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus