Canon patents granted on 01 March 2011

53 US patents granted on 01 March 2011 and assigned to Canon

1 RE42,186 Data transform processing apparatus and method
2 RE42,175 Electrostatic chucking stage and substrate processing apparatus
3 7,900,262 Security management method and apparatus, and security management program
4 7,900,261 File access authorization management apparatus and method
5 7,900,146 Image forming system, information processing apparatus and its control method
6 7,900,139 Layout control apparatus, layout control method, and layout control program
7 7,900,136 Structured document processing apparatus and structured document processing method, and program
8 7,899,902 Distributed system control method and information processing apparatus
9 7,899,880 Information processing apparatus, method, program, and storage medium for synchronizing content
10 7,899,366 Image forming apparatus with driving and driven gears
11 7,899,364 Process cartridge having couplers transmitting driving forces from an image forming apparatus to electrophotographic photosensitive drum and developing roller and such an apparatus
12 7,899,363 Image forming apparatus
13 7,899,349 Image forming apparatus with controller for setting transfer member bias
14 7,899,347 Image forming apparatus with control for setting image forming condition based on executed mode
15 7,899,343 Image forming apparatus
16 7,899,317 Driving device, optical apparatus, and image pickup apparatus
17 7,899,314 Photographing system
18 7,899,275 Data processing apparatus, image processing apparatus, and method therefor
19 7,899,259 Image processing method and image processing apparatus for images decodable at multiple resolutions
20 7,899,244 Color shift correction image processing method and image processing apparatus
21 7,899,157 X-ray image diagnosis apparatus and control method therefor
22 7,899,013 System having output device and external apparatus for receiving data in place of output device, output device, device for alternative reception, and their control method
23 7,898,713 Image display apparatus
24 7,898,711 Scanning optical apparatus
25 7,898,707 Normalization method, and multi-dimensional interpolation method and apparatus
26 7,898,683 Image processing apparatus, control method for the same, and computer-readable medium storing a computer program for preventing downloading of resources data when a print job exists
27 7,898,680 Data processing method for information processing system, information processing system, storage medium, and program
28 7,898,667 Optical element and method for preparing the same, sensor apparatus and sensing method
29 7,898,649 Measurement method and measurement apparatus
30 7,898,597 Video processing apparatus and control method for the video processing apparatus
31 7,898,566 Video processing apparatus and object identifying method
32 7,898,445 Entropy coding apparatus
33 7,898,231 Integrated circuit and electronic apparatus
34 7,898,149 Power supply device and image forming apparatus
35 7,898,119 Planar motor and stage using the same
36 7,897,930 Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system
37 7,897,868 Stacked photovoltaic element and method for producing the same
38 7,897,523 Substrate heating apparatus, heating method, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
39 7,897,316 Toner having hybrid binder resin with polyester unit and vinyl copolymer unit
40 7,897,301 Fine pattern forming method and stamper
41 7,896,966 Liquid applying apparatus and ink-jet printing apparatus
42 7,896,566 Printing apparatus and printing method
43 7,896,494 Fundus camera
44 7,896,476 Inkjet printhead board and inkjet printhead using same
45 7,896,475 Element substrate, printhead, and head cartridge
46 7,896,474 Liquid ejection head and recording apparatus
47 7,896,469 Head substrate, printhead, head cartridge, and printing apparatus
48 7,896,466 Printing apparatus and printing method
49 7,896,463 Ink jet printing apparatus and preliminary ejecting method
50 7,896,455 Element substrate, and printhead, head cartridge, and printing apparatus using the element substrate
51 7,896,338 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
52 7,896,006 Medicine inhaler and medicine ejection method
53 7,896,002 Medicine discharge device and cartridge mountable thereto