Canon patents granted on 01 March 2016

113 US patents granted on 01 March 2016 and assigned to Canon

1 9,277,626 Light source control apparatus, control method for controlling the same, and liquid crystal display apparatus
2 9,277,621 Light emitting system, light emission control apparatus and control method therefor, communication system and control method therefor and storage medium
3 9,277,581 Communication apparatus, communication method, program and storage medium
4 9,277,270 Image processing apparatus capable of extracting frame image data from video data and method for controlling the same
5 9,277,261 Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
6 9,277,221 Image coding apparatus, method for coding image, program therefor, image decoding apparatus, method for decoding image, and program therefor
7 9,277,197 Recording apparatus, recording method, and recording system
8 9,277,151 Solid-state image sensor with an effective pixel area, and image pickup apparatus
9 9,277,150 Image pickup apparatus and camera system capable of improving calculation accuracy of defocus amount
10 9,277,135 Image-pickup apparatus, control method for the same, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
11 9,277,131 Image stabilization apparatus, optical apparatus, and image capturing apparatus
12 9,277,128 Image processing apparatus, image capture apparatus with the same, and method for controlling image processing apparatus to avoid partial loss of an output image by applying geometric deformation to an image
13 9,277,120 Image capturing apparatus provided with a peaking function, control method therefor, and storage medium
14 9,277,118 Image pickup apparatus, method for controlling the same, and program for obtaining position information and direction information
15 9,277,117 Electronic apparatus including a touch panel and control method thereof for reducing erroneous operation
16 9,277,115 Focus adjustment apparatus, focus adjustment method and program, and image pickup apparatus
17 9,277,114 Image pickup apparatus to which a lens unit with a focus lens is attachable and capable of performing accurate and fast focus detection, method of controlling image pickup apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
18 9,277,113 Image pickup apparatus and driving method therefor
19 9,277,112 Auto focusing apparatus and auto focusing method, and image sensing apparatus
20 9,277,111 Image capture apparatus and control method therefor
21 9,277,102 Audio processing apparatus, audio processing method and imaging apparatus
22 9,277,099 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
23 9,277,098 Image forming system having simulation unit
24 9,277,088 Information processing apparatus, control method for the same and computer-readable medium
25 9,277,085 Information processing apparatus enabling transmission of file containing link information, control method therefor, and storage medium storing control program therefor
26 9,277,082 Image reading apparatus
27 9,277,078 Information processing apparatus with power control unit, control method therefor, and storage medium storing control program therefor
28 9,277,077 Image forming apparatus having power save function, control method thereof, and storage medium
29 9,277,076 Image processing apparatus and method for performing calibration for printing
30 9,277,074 Image processing apparatus, method, and medium determining whether image data of a page to be processed is blank and contains a foreground object and transmitting the foreground object obtained by removing a background object
31 9,277,072 Original reading apparatus for reading image of an original
32 9,277,066 Communication system, communication terminal, control method, and storage medium storing program
33 9,277,063 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and storage medium storing program
34 9,277,016 Communication system, client apparatus, server apparatus, communication method, and program
35 9,276,985 Transmission apparatus and transmission method
36 9,276,502 Vibration-type motor controller and optical apparatus
37 9,276,501 Electromechanical transducer and production method therefor
38 9,276,036 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and imaging system using the same
39 9,276,028 Semiconductor device including pixels, microlenses, and a monitoring structure, and a method of manufacturing the same
40 9,276,027 Solid-state image sensor and camera
41 9,276,021 Electronic device including current sources and amplifiers
42 9,275,949 Semiconductor device
43 9,275,770 X-ray radiation generation apparatus with arm angle restriction unit
44 9,275,709 Electronic apparatus
45 9,275,624 Audio processing apparatus
46 9,275,466 Image processing method and image processing apparatus for segmenting image into regions
47 9,275,461 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and storage medium
48 9,275,447 Method and system for describing image region based on color histogram
49 9,275,439 Image processing apparatus, control method thereof and computer-readable storage medium
50 9,275,436 Image processing apparatus for editing data in accordance with an user operation, image processing method, program for implementing the method, and storage medium storing the program
51 9,275,316 Method, apparatus and system for generating an attribute map for processing an image
52 9,275,313 Printing apparatus capable of specifying and storing user defined envelope flap sizes
53 9,275,306 Devices, systems, and methods for learning a discriminant image representation
54 9,275,300 Method and apparatus for generating image description vector, image detection method and apparatus
55 9,275,298 Material classification using specular gloss
56 9,275,270 Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
57 9,274,981 Forming apparatus and processing method to request configuration data from a management apparatus in predetermined transition state
58 9,274,831 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
59 9,274,788 Information processing apparatus, method for controlling the same, and storage medium
60 9,274,775 Apparatus, control method, and storage medium to instruct a framework to stop a target application based on a usage amount of a resource and a type of the target application
61 9,274,740 Liquid crystal display apparatus enabling a user to recognize positions and boundaries of light source blocks, method for controlling the same, and image display system
62 9,274,738 Information processing apparatus, control method and storage medium storing program for short distance wireless communication
63 9,274,731 System and method for controlling a print job
64 9,274,728 Print control apparatus and print control method
65 9,274,727 Communication apparatus, control method therefor, and computer-readable storage medium for performing connection to a processing target apparatus
66 9,274,726 Communication apparatus capable of notifying temporary disconnection from network, communication system, method of controlling communication apparatus, and storage medium
67 9,274,499 Cartridge and image forming apparatus
68 9,274,496 Electrophotographic process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
69 9,274,495 Image forming apparatus having fixing unit whose projected portion is prevented from coming out of main assembly opening after entering main assembly recessed portion
70 9,274,491 Power supply apparatus and image forming apparatus
71 9,274,490 Power supply apparatus and image forming apparatus
72 9,274,489 Cartridge with electrode member constituting a conducting path
73 9,274,487 Image forming apparatus
74 9,274,484 Image forming apparatus and toner accommodation container
75 9,274,482 Image forming apparatus with developing contrast control
76 9,274,481 Image forming apparatus
77 9,274,477 Image forming apparatus
78 9,274,474 Fixing device
79 9,274,473 Image forming apparatus
80 9,274,471 Rotatable heating member and image heating apparatus
81 9,274,470 Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
82 9,274,468 Image heating apparatus
83 9,274,467 Image heating apparatus
84 9,274,466 Image fixing apparatus having end region temperature control
85 9,274,464 Image forming apparatus
86 9,274,455 Image forming apparatus supplying toner from container to accumulating unit based on tower density developer in the accumulating unit, and method of controlling image forming apparatus
87 9,274,450 Charging device
88 9,274,448 Image forming apparatus, positional deviation detection apparatus, and positional deviation detection method
89 9,274,443 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
90 9,274,442 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus having charge transport layer with matrix-domain structure and charging member having concavity and protrusion
91 9,274,405 Projector with illumination system having a cuboid optical member
92 9,274,370 Light-emitting device, backlight device, and image display apparatus
93 9,274,325 Zoom lens and image pickup device provided with the same
94 9,274,254 Optical element array, photoelectric conversion apparatus, and image pickup system
95 9,274,052 Feature vector for classifying specular objects based on material type
96 9,273,187 Ink jet recording head and manufacturing method therefor
97 9,272,872 Sheet stacking device and printing apparatus
98 9,272,862 Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus
99 9,272,861 Sheet feeding unit and image forming apparatus
100 9,272,860 Sheet feeding apparatus, image reading apparatus, and image forming apparatus
101 9,272,859 Supply apparatus, method for supplying print medium, and printing apparatus
102 9,272,857 Sheet stacking apparatus, sheet feeding apparatus, and image forming apparatus
103 9,272,561 Printing system for inhibiting Z-folding and control method thereof
104 9,272,546 Sheet feeding apparatus
105 9,272,544 Control apparatus, control method, and storage medium
106 9,272,543 Printing device, tray and conveyance device
107 9,272,522 Printing apparatus and ink amount detection method
108 9,272,509 Printing apparatus
109 9,272,508 Element substrate, printhead, and printing apparatus
110 9,272,282 Combined thermal devices for thermal cycling
111 9,271,695 Apparatus for mammography with acoustic matching
112 9,271,650 Ophthalmologic apparatus and control method for ophthalmologic apparatus
113 9,271,642 Ophthalmology apparatus and method of controlling ophthalmology apparatus