Canon patents granted on 01 May 2012

77 US patents granted on 01 May 2012 and assigned to Canon

1 8,171,535 Dynamic web service policy broadcasting/enforcement for applications
2 8,171,503 Image processing system and image processing method in which a plurality of devices cooperate to perform image processing, wherein the image processing system and image processing method are capable of displaying information on operations to be performed by the devices
3 8,171,463 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
4 8,171,398 Content server and layout system
5 8,171,312 Recording apparatus and method for controlling the recording apparatus
6 8,171,299 Data communication apparatus, data communication method, data communication program, and storage medium storing the program
7 8,171,182 Method of indicating connectivity of peripheral device to computer operating system
8 8,171,090 Method and apparatus for status notification
9 8,171,074 Web service system, schedule execution apparatus and control method thereof
10 8,171,012 Document management apparatus, method, system, medium storing a program thereof
11 8,170,874 Apparatus and method for recognizing speech based on feature parameters of modified speech and playing back the modified speech
12 8,170,463 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
13 8,170,458 Image heating apparatus having stably positioned heating unit
14 8,170,452 Developer supplying unit
15 8,170,450 Color electrophotographic image forming apparatus that utilizes a rotatable rotary support member to support a plurality of developing devices
16 8,170,445 Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
17 8,170,444 Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
18 8,170,443 Developing device and process cartridge
19 8,170,438 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
20 8,170,433 Image forming apparatus with rotation-speed-related adjustable photosensitive member charging bias
21 8,170,432 Image forming apparatus
22 8,170,431 Control apparatus, control method for control apparatus, and storage medium
23 8,170,386 Optical pulse generating apparatus
24 8,170,379 Image processing apparatus and image retrieval method
25 8,170,377 Image processing apparatus, control method of image processing apparatus, program, and storage medium
26 8,170,353 Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
27 8,170,339 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
28 8,170,292 Imaging apparatus, control method, and recording medium thereof
29 8,170,220 Image sensing apparatus with selectably combinable microphone signals to obtain desired directivity
30 8,170,117 Digital broadcast receiving apparatus, digital broadcast receiving method, and storage medium
31 8,169,911 Method for transmitting a data stream with anticipation of acknowledgments, correspondence input device and computer-readable storage medium
32 8,169,852 Memory control circuit, control method, and storage medium
33 8,169,711 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
34 8,169,704 Image display apparatus
35 8,169,668 Image processing apparatus and file transmission method
36 8,169,664 Image processing apparatus and method for quantizing pixel of interest by error diffusion method
37 8,169,650 Printing apparatus, method, and program for selecting, displaying, and printing group images
38 8,169,648 Driver management apparatus and method therefor
39 8,169,646 Image-providing apparatus and control method thereof, printing apparatus and control method thereof, and printing system
40 8,169,640 Network system, network setup method, and program and storage medium therefor
41 8,169,631 Printing apparatus, information processing apparatus, control method thereof, print management system, and program
42 8,169,629 Print control with interfaces provided in correspondence with printing methods
43 8,169,545 Display control apparatus and method for superimposing an object on a moving image
44 8,169,533 Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the same
45 8,169,529 Apparatus and methods for performing light metering in an imaging apparatus
46 8,169,525 Image sensing device and image sensing system
47 8,169,524 Image sensing apparatus with pixel readout correction
48 8,169,508 Image input apparatus for forming a composite image based on a photoelectric conversion signal and a saturation signal
49 8,169,507 Image recording apparatus with electronic zoom and recording size setting, and control method and program therefor
50 8,169,503 Image pickup apparatus and control method for selecting a flicker control method
51 8,169,498 Nonlinear error correction processor for an image sensor
52 8,169,497 Method of segmenting videos into a hierarchy of segments
53 8,169,494 Image sensing apparatus and method of controlling image sensing apparatus
54 8,169,487 Image-shake correction apparatus and imaging apparatus
55 8,169,368 Method, apparatus and computer program for updating antenna beam angles of a directional antenna of wireless device
56 8,169,171 Drive apparatus
57 8,169,133 Image display apparatus, manufacturing method of image display apparatus, and functional film
58 8,168,974 Field effect transistor
59 8,168,895 Printed wiring board
60 8,168,544 Oxide etching method
61 8,168,365 Method for manufacturing electrophotographic photosensitive member
62 8,168,136 Fluid-conveying apparatus and method for conveying fluid by using the same
63 8,168,049 Sputtering apparatus and method of manufacturing solar battery and image display device by using the same
64 8,167,486 Imaging system and driving method thereof
65 8,167,475 Linear lighting apparatus and image reader using the same
66 8,167,443 Optical observation apparatus
67 8,167,419 Ink jet recording head and ink jet recording apparatus
68 8,167,416 Liquid container
69 8,167,413 Inkjet printing apparatus and method for agitating ink
70 8,167,411 Print element substrate, inkjet printhead, and printing apparatus
71 8,167,408 Ink jet recording head, and method for manufacturing ink jet recording head
72 8,167,407 Liquid discharge method, liquid discharge head and liquid discharge apparatus having projections within discharge port
73 8,167,402 Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
74 8,167,397 Recording apparatus and recording method
75 8,167,392 Ink jet recording apparatus and control method therefor
76 8,167,303 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
77 8,167,296 Image forming apparatus