Canon patents granted on 01 September 2015

77 US patents granted on 01 September 2015 and assigned to Canon

1 9,125,237 Communication apparatus, control method of communication apparatus, computer program, and storage medium
2 9,124,953 Method and device for transmitting video data
3 9,124,859 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
4 9,124,843 Device management system, peripheral device, and method therefor for managing device information of a peripheral device
5 9,124,835 Method for driving photoelectric conversion device
6 9,124,833 Solid-state imaging apparatus
7 9,124,830 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and imaging system
8 9,124,817 Projector and control method used for the same
9 9,124,807 Imaging apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium
10 9,124,803 Image pickup apparatus, method of controlling the same, reproduction apparatus, and method of controlling the same
11 9,124,799 Focus adjustment apparatus with a size detector
12 9,124,790 Lens apparatus and image pickup apparatus
13 9,124,787 Electronic apparatus having mechanism to fasten exterior members to one another
14 9,124,779 Transmission apparatus and transmission method
15 9,124,759 Reproduction apparatus
16 9,124,751 Peripheral device and image reading device
17 9,124,748 Image forming apparatus restricting job execution based on unit price of an electricity charge
18 9,124,747 Image reading device and image reading method
19 9,124,743 Image forming apparatus
20 9,124,742 Image reading device
21 9,124,738 Network system, analysis system and control method therefor
22 9,124,732 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program for the same
23 9,124,731 Copying apparatus, copying system, control method thereof, and control program thereof
24 9,124,727 Peripheral device control system, printing device, peripheral device control method, and program
25 9,124,366 Communication apparatus, communication system, control method, and storage medium
26 9,124,203 Motor having pulse mode and brushless mode, and control method and apparatus of the motor
27 9,124,151 Driving apparatus, exposure apparatus, and method of manufacturing article
28 9,124,107 Charging system and charger utilizing battery voltage and temperature information received from a battery device to control charging
29 9,124,070 Superluminescent diode and optical coherence tomography apparatus including the superluminescent diode
30 9,123,760 Processing apparatus and device manufacturing method
31 9,123,621 Solid-state image sensor, method of manufacturing the same, and camera with plural substrates
32 9,123,610 Arrangement of circuits in pixels, each circuit shared by a plurality of pixels, in image sensing apparatus
33 9,123,603 Photoelectric conversion device and imaging system
34 9,123,451 Imaging apparatus and imaging method
35 9,123,281 Lighting apparatus having a plurality of light sources and control method thereof
36 9,123,096 Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
37 9,122,977 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
38 9,122,975 Printing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium for setting information on sheets
39 9,122,974 Print control apparatus for causing a printing apparatus to execute printing by controlling the printing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
40 9,122,973 Data transmission apparatus, method for controlling data transmission apparatus, and storage medium
41 9,122,923 Image generation apparatus and control method
42 9,122,659 Layout processing method for document editing by reducing blank areas in a document
43 9,122,516 Information processing system, image forming apparatus, control method, and recording medium for management of a job consisting of multiple tasks
44 9,122,482 Image processing apparatus, control method therefor and storage medium
45 9,122,437 Information processing apparatus, method, and medium for managing status information about an image forming apparatus
46 9,122,435 Printing apparatus, print control system, and method for controlling print control system
47 9,122,431 Information processing apparatus, control method, and recording medium
48 9,122,428 Information processing apparatus allowing a user certain print setting operations in an environment where an image processing apparatus is undetermined
49 9,122,347 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program storage medium
50 9,122,237 Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
51 9,122,235 Process cartridge and image forming apparatus with means to regulate movement of developing unit with respect to drum unit in axial direction of developing roller
52 9,122,224 Image forming apparatus and power supply device
53 9,122,196 Image forming apparatus
54 9,122,195 Image forming apparatus
55 9,122,192 Detection device, developing device and image forming apparatus
56 9,122,190 Image forming apparatus capable of adjusting laser beams emitted from a plurality of light sources, and method of controlling image forming apparatus
57 9,122,188 Image forming apparatus
58 9,122,149 Imprint apparatus and method of manufacturing article
59 9,122,148 Master template replication
60 9,122,125 Image-capturing apparatus and method of controlling the same
61 9,122,086 Display apparatus
62 9,122,001 Driving apparatus, and lens apparatus and image pickup apparatus including the same
63 9,121,805 Radiation generating apparatus, radiographing apparatus, and computer readable storage medium storing program
64 9,121,735 Encoder, lens apparatus, and camera capable of detecting position of object
65 9,121,733 Position detecting apparatus, and lens apparatus, image reading apparatus, and image forming apparatus including the same
66 9,121,731 Encoder having a scale with two areas in which an increasing direction of the amplitude of the energy distribution is opposite between the two areas for precisely obtaining a position of the scale
67 9,121,475 Drive transmission apparatus and image forming apparatus
68 9,121,099 Vacuum processing apparatus and processing method using the same
69 9,120,942 Image recording method
70 9,120,336 Ink jet printing apparatus and control method thereof
71 9,120,333 Printing apparatus and control method
72 9,120,310 Recording element substrate, method of manufacturing the recording element substrate, and liquid ejection head
73 9,120,305 Image recording apparatus, image recording method, and storage medium
74 9,120,304 Image processing apparatus, inkjet printing apparatus, and inkjet printing method
75 9,120,221 Robot cell apparatus and production system
76 9,119,576 Ophthalmic device
77 9,119,562 Imaging control apparatus, ophthalmic imaging apparatus, imaging control method, and program