Canon patents granted on 02 April 2013

73 US patents granted on 02 April 2013 and assigned to Canon

1 8,413,076 Information processing apparatus and method
2 8,412,781 Image communication apparatus, image communication method, and memory medium
3 8,412,730 Image search apparatus and method thereof
4 8,412,705 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
5 8,412,466 Rapid method of pattern recognition, machine learning, and automated genotype classification through correlation analysis of dynamic signals
6 8,412,076 Image forming apparatus
7 8,412,075 Light deflector device and image forming apparatus
8 8,412,073 Image forming apparatus having tension-providing mechanism for belt
9 8,412,070 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus including a cartridge mounting feature
10 8,412,064 Image forming apparatus to control photosensitive member irradiation
11 8,412,035 Imaging apparatus having autofocus function, and control method for the imaging apparatus
12 8,412,034 Camera body, interchangeable lens, accessory, camera system, and method for rewriting information
13 8,412,027 Display controlling apparatus for playing back moving image and control method for the same
14 8,412,020 Data processing apparatus and its control method, program, and storage medium
15 8,411,994 Apparatus and method for image processing and computer-readable storage medium
16 8,411,988 Image processing apparatus and method for managing margin data
17 8,411,960 Image processing for generating electronic document data in which an object can be searched from an input image
18 8,411,944 Color processing apparatus and method thereof
19 8,411,942 Method and apparatus for hybrid image compression
20 8,411,941 Color processing apparatus and method thereof
21 8,411,918 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
22 8,411,908 Imaging apparatus, control method, and recording medium thereof
23 8,411,768 Communication system, transmission apparatus, and receiving apparatus
24 8,411,755 Video transmission apparatus and control method for video transmission apparatus
25 8,411,736 Method and device for processing a hierarchical multimedia data stream transmitted over a network with loss
26 8,411,722 Vertical cavity surface emitting laser
27 8,411,682 Communication apparatus having a plurality of network interfaces, method of communication by the communication apparatus, and storage medium
28 8,411,592 Communication apparatus, communication method therefor, and program
29 8,411,589 Communication system, information processing apparatus, and control method
30 8,411,373 Zoom lens barrel capable of retracting into lens barrel body
31 8,411,372 Lens barrel and image pickup apparatus
32 8,411,365 Image-pickup display device having optical element provided with diffraction element portion
33 8,411,337 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
34 8,411,330 Image processing system, control method, recording medium, and image supplying apparatus
35 8,411,328 Print control apparatus, print control method, and program therefor
36 8,411,317 Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus capable of adjusting the difference between the spectral characteristics
37 8,411,314 Image forming apparatus for forming an image by transferring an image onto an intermediate transfer member, image forming method, and storage medium
38 8,411,302 Printing system, printing apparatus and print control method therefor
39 8,411,296 Image processing apparatus that can output copy-forgery-inhibited pattern image, method for controlling image processing apparatus, program, and storage medium
40 8,411,295 Image forming apparatus for storing image data to a storage device, control method for the image forming apparatus, and storage medium storing the control method
41 8,411,292 Image processing apparatus, image processing system, and control method for image data transmission
42 8,411,280 Surface shape measurement apparatus
43 8,411,255 Pattern forming method
44 8,411,253 Computer readable medium and exposure method
45 8,411,250 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
46 8,411,203 Display apparatus and display control method
47 8,411,198 Electronic apparatus with holding structure of display panel
48 8,411,190 Control apparatus, control method, and computer-readable recording medium
49 8,411,188 Solid-state image pickup device
50 8,411,187 Photoelectric conversion device, method for producing photoelectric conversion device, and image pickup system
51 8,411,185 Solid-state imaging apparatus having plural unit cell groups with transfer switches connected to different common output lines
52 8,411,178 Solid-state imaging apparatus, imaging system and driving method for solid-state imaging apparatus
53 8,411,169 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
54 8,411,152 File management apparatus and control method thereof
55 8,411,150 Image processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
56 8,411,106 Converting digital values corresponding to colors of an image from a source color space to a destination color space
57 8,411,021 Display control apparatus and display control method for adjusting display luminance according to ambient brightness
58 8,410,903 Personal authentication apparatus and personal authentication method
59 8,410,860 Oscillator with resonator generating terahertz wave
60 8,410,659 Electromechanical transducer and manufacturing method therefor
61 8,410,415 Ion detector for mass spectrometry, method for detecting ion, and method for manufacturing ion detector
62 8,409,454 Production process for structure and production process for liquid discharge head
63 8,409,452 Through-hole forming method, inkjet head, and silicon substrate
64 8,408,829 Recording apparatus having an adjustable restraining member
65 8,408,827 Recording apparatus and sheet processing method
66 8,408,716 Image projection apparatus
67 8,408,691 Ink jet recording ink, ink jet image forming method and ink jet recording apparatus
68 8,408,690 Active energy ray curable ink jet recording liquid composition and ink jet recording method using the same
69 8,408,681 Liquid discharge head having an increased rigidity
70 8,408,678 Liquid ejection head and method for producing the same
71 8,408,677 Inkjet recording head
72 8,408,673 Printing apparatus and ink discharge failure detection method
73 8,408,530 Bookbinding system with controlled trimming unit