Canon patents granted on 02 December 2014

52 US patents granted on 02 December 2014 and assigned to Canon

1 RE45,267 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program, and storage medium
2 RE45,265 Apparatus for making a halftone recording and process for making a halftone recording using the same, as well as ink tank and head cartridge fit for halftone recording and ink-jet recording apparatus using the same
3 8,904,549 Server system, control method, and storage medium for securely executing access to data of a tenant
4 8,903,987 Communication apparatus and method for controlling communication apparatus
5 8,903,287 Image forming apparatus
6 8,903,263 Switching power supply device using switching regulator
7 8,903,262 Image forming apparatus responsive to image forming conditions
8 8,903,259 Image forming apparatus preventing failure of recording material detachment from conveyance belt
9 8,903,220 Video data outputting apparatus and method of controlling video data outputting apparatus
10 8,903,188 Method and device for processing components of an image for encoding or decoding
11 8,902,504 Diffractive optical element having a reflective member disposed between different grating wall surfaces thereof, and optical system and optical apparatus having the diffractive optical element
12 8,902,479 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
13 8,902,474 Image processing apparatus, control method of the same, and program
14 8,902,465 Image forming apparatus, image processing apparatus and method capable of determining image forming condition when color unevenness caused in patch image is detected
15 8,902,464 Color processing apparatus and method for color processing using colorimetric data of a color chart
16 8,902,462 System and control method
17 8,902,448 Print control apparatus, printing system, method for controlling print control apparatus and storage medium
18 8,902,447 Image processing apparatus displaying operating procedure, control method therefor, and storage medium storing control program therefor
19 8,902,445 Configuring apparatus, image output apparatus, methods of controlling the same, and program
20 8,902,444 Image processing apparatus and method, including user authentication, and storage medium
21 8,902,443 Information processing system, information processing apparatus, and information processing method
22 8,902,440 Optical scanning apparatus and an image forming apparatus using the same which is capable of reducing pitch unevenness in wave optics and sub-scanning field curvature
23 8,902,432 Adaptive optics apparatus and imaging apparatus including the same
24 8,902,430 Measuring apparatus and exposure device
25 8,902,405 Stage apparatus, exposure apparatus and device fabrication method
26 8,902,364 Image display apparatus, image display method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium for suppressing motion blur without changing gradation
27 8,902,350 Interchangeable lens, control method thereof, image pickup apparatus and control method thereof
28 8,902,344 Display control apparatus, image capture apparatus, display control method, and image capture apparatus control method
29 8,902,342 Solid-state image sensor with feedback circuits
30 8,902,329 Image processing apparatus for correcting image degradation caused by aberrations and method of controlling the same
31 8,902,271 Image forming apparatus for determining a time to start forming an image
32 8,902,269 Optical scanning apparatus
33 8,902,268 Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
34 8,902,256 Reproducing apparatus with a function for enlarging image data
35 8,902,150 Lighting system and calibration method therefor
36 8,901,859 Control circuit for vibration-type actuator
37 8,901,617 Element isolation structure of a solid-state pickup device
38 8,901,511 Charged particle beam lens and exposure apparatus using the same
39 8,900,902 Process for producing surface-emitting laser and process for producing surface-emitting laser array
40 8,900,811 Method and apparatus for generating thermal melting curves in a microfluidic device
41 8,900,727 Condensed polycyclic compound, organic light-emitting device having the same, display device, image information processing device, lighting device, image formation device, and exposure light source
42 8,900,426 Double-layer shutter sputtering apparatus
43 8,900,363 Inline vacuum processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and information recording medium manufacturing method
44 8,900,359 Ink, ink cartridge, ink-jet recording method, and method for preparing ink
45 8,899,853 Conveyance apparatus and printer
46 8,899,750 Medical imaging apparatus
47 8,899,749 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing system, SLO apparatus, and program
48 8,899,736 Water-based ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, ink jet recording apparatus, and image forming method
49 8,899,715 Image processing apparatus, printing apparatus, and image processing method
50 8,899,707 Printing apparatus
51 8,899,579 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
52 8,899,575 Sheet feeding device and recording apparatus