Canon patents granted on 02 January 2007

48 US patents granted on 02 January 2007 and assigned to Canon

1 7,159,121 Transmission of information to a reproduction device having user identification by organism information of a specified type
2 7,159,042 Method and device for communicating a message on a network and systems using them
3 7,158,946 Method, system and medium for remotely managing plural image forming apparatuses and plural types of maintenance agreements relating to the apparatuses
4 7,158,846 System for providing product environment information
5 7,158,783 Radio device communication setting method of switching from first setting information to second setting information
6 7,158,749 Cleaning device, process cartridge, cleaning member and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
7 7,158,740 Image forming apparatus
8 7,158,736 Process cartridge having first and second rotatably coupled frames and electrophotographic image forming apparatus mounting such process cartridge
9 7,158,735 Process cartridge, mounting method of electrophotographic photosensitive drum and replacing method of the photosensitive drum
10 7,158,733 Image forming apparatus which includes an image bearing body surface potential detection feature
11 7,158,671 Image processing apparatus and method
12 7,158,669 Image compression method and apparatus, and image coding method and apparatus
13 7,158,661 Radiographic image processing method, radiographic image processing apparatus, radiographic image processing system, program, computer-readable storage medium, image diagnosis assisting method, and image diagnosis assisting system
14 7,158,653 Encoding information in a watermark
15 7,158,652 Method of using plural watermarks to prevent unauthorized image copying
16 7,158,320 Optical system and image pickup apparatus including the same
17 7,158,308 Color separating-combining optical system, image display optical system, and projection image display apparatus
18 7,158,272 Image sensor and image reading apparatus
19 7,158,266 Information processing system, information processing apparatus, image pickup system, information processing method, and program
20 7,158,259 Printing apparatus and method with a quiet mode
21 7,158,257 Information processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
22 7,158,253 Printer, printing control apparatus and printing system using unique job identifiers, and control method therefor
23 7,158,250 Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, coversheet generating method, program, and storage medium
24 7,158,249 Facsimile apparatus and control method
25 7,158,243 Printing apparatus and printing system, control method, storage medium and program
26 7,158,233 Alignment mark, alignment apparatus and method, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
27 7,158,232 Substrate processing apparatus
28 7,158,212 Scanning exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
29 7,158,210 Projection exposure apparatus
30 7,158,209 Holding mechanism in exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
31 7,158,179 Optical device, optical device driving unit, and camera system
32 7,158,146 Image processing apparatus and method
33 7,158,144 Image processing apparatus and method for converting data dependent on a first illuminating light into data dependent on a second illuminating light
34 7,158,142 Display contrast adjustment method and device having display contrast adjustment function
35 7,158,117 Coordinate input apparatus and control method thereof, coordinate input pointing tool, and program
36 7,158,097 Gaze tracking system
37 7,157,850 Image formation apparatus having electrically conductive spacer and external frame
38 7,157,722 Positioning device and method of initializing a positioning device
39 7,157,539 Polymerizable compound, polymer compound and block polymer compound, and composition, image-forming method and image-forming apparatus using the same
40 7,157,197 Electrophotographic photosensitive member
41 7,156,943 Method and apparatus for separating composite
42 7,156,797 Assembling method for developing roller
43 7,156,520 Color separating optical system, image display optical system, and projection image display apparatus
44 7,156,499 Heat generating resistive element, substrate for liquid discharge head having the heat generating resistive element, liquid discharge head, and manufacturing method therefor
45 7,156,391 Driving apparatus, sheet processing apparatus having driving apparatus, image forming apparatus having sheet processing apparatus and control system
46 7,156,302 Card reading device for service access
47 7,156,291 Recording media discard device, recording media discard system, and contents administration method
48 D534,582 Ink cartridge for printer