Canon patents granted on 02 July 2013

82 US patents granted on 02 July 2013 and assigned to Canon

1 8,479,280 Image processing device and image data transmission method
2 8,479,058 Information processor and information processing method
3 8,478,991 Management apparatus for managing wireless parameter, control method for the management apparatus, and computer program for instructing computer to execute the control method
4 8,478,960 Information processing apparatus and memory protection method
5 8,478,866 Device management apparatus, control method, and storage medium
6 8,478,839 Information processing apparatus, information processing system, method for controlling information processing apparatus, and program
7 8,478,184 Image forming apparatus which prevents toner images from sticking to each other
8 8,478,180 Image heating apparatus
9 8,478,176 Fixing apparatus
10 8,478,174 Image forming apparatus
11 8,478,166 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus having removable cartridge with coupling member
12 8,478,164 Developing device
13 8,478,161 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus with locking member for spacing components of the apparatus and preventing movement of components of the apparatus
14 8,478,155 Information processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and job processing method for the same
15 8,478,152 Image forming apparatus and method using different transfer voltages when recording material is heated in different image forming modes using different numbers of heating device
16 8,478,146 Developing apparatus and image forming apparatus
17 8,478,140 Image forming apparatus featuring a developer replenishing device
18 8,478,122 Image taking system
19 8,478,101 Recording apparatus
20 8,478,079 Scan conversion apparatus, image encoding apparatus, and methods of controlling the same
21 8,478,031 Image processing using colored colorant amounts and colorless colorant amounts
22 8,477,591 Control apparatus, control method and computer program of communication system
23 8,477,438 Lens apparatus
24 8,477,430 Image pickup apparatus having lens barrel
25 8,477,429 Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the same
26 8,477,428 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the zoom lens
27 8,477,397 Print data generating configuration that enables an image print to have a tolerance for image quality degradation against variations of print characteristics between printing elements of a print head
28 8,477,395 Computation of gamut boundary by sampling device-independent color space
29 8,477,391 Image reading apparatus
30 8,477,387 Image reading apparatus and method for controlling the same
31 8,477,383 Processing based on command and register
32 8,477,378 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
33 8,477,375 Image processing apparatus and recording apparatus
34 8,477,369 Image processing apparatus and its method, and computer-readable storage medium
35 8,477,362 Application function extension method, system, and program
36 8,477,361 Image data generating apparatus and image data generating method for generating image data when an image is printed in a divided manner
37 8,477,360 Image processing method, image processing apparatus and control program for image processing apparatus
38 8,477,356 User selected setting update between image processing apparatuses on a network
39 8,477,352 Image forming apparatus, control method thereof, image forming system, and program
40 8,477,349 Information processing apparatus, and network setting method
41 8,477,348 Updating a print button for a document displayed on a user interface of a printer
42 8,477,347 Method and system for managing user setup information
43 8,477,341 Printing apparatus and method of controlling printing
44 8,477,339 Image processing apparatus, method, and computer-readable medium, in which data is compressed according to a lossless or lossy compression method
45 8,477,319 Measuring apparatus
46 8,477,297 Refractive index distribution measuring method and apparatus, and method of producing optical element thereof, that use multiple transmission wavefronts of a test object immersed in at least one medium having a different refractive index from that of the test object and multiple reference transmission wavefronts of a reference object having known shape and refractive index distribution
47 8,477,286 Projection optical system, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
48 8,477,236 Lens apparatus to be mounted onto camera and camera system with lens apparatus
49 8,477,233 Image capturing apparatus
50 8,477,231 Image sensing apparatus
51 8,477,224 Solid-state imaging apparatus
52 8,477,221 Image sensing system and correction method
53 8,477,214 Imaging apparatus, lens unit, and methods for controlling the same
54 8,477,213 Image sensing apparatus, registration apparatus, and control method and program therefor
55 8,477,206 Image processing apparatus and image processing method for performing image restoration using restoration filter
56 8,477,203 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program
57 8,477,201 Image pickup apparatus including image shake correction
58 8,477,194 Image capturing apparatus, control method thereof, and program
59 8,477,187 Imaging apparatus and pan/tilt head control method
60 8,477,170 Image forming apparatus with shared line for horizontal synchronization signal
61 8,476,607 Charged particle beam drawing apparatus and article manufacturing method
62 8,476,606 Drawing apparatus and method of manufacturing article
63 8,476,578 Rotary encoder and rotation mechanism including the same
64 8,476,550 Manufacturing method of hermetically sealed container
65 8,476,153 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
66 8,476,102 Solid state image pickup device and method for manufacturing solid state image pickup device
67 8,475,987 Yellow toner
68 8,475,672 Plasma processing device, plasma processing method and method of manufacturing element including substrate to be processed
69 8,475,618 Manufacturing method of hermetic container
70 8,475,580 Ink, ink cartridge, ink jet recording method and ink jet recording apparatus
71 8,475,066 Printing apparatus
72 8,475,043 Radiation imaging apparatus and processing method therefor
73 8,474,981 Illumination optical system having a light combining portion that combines light beams from a plurality of lamp units and projection display apparatus
74 8,474,968 Inkjet apparatus and heating device
75 8,474,964 Ink, ink-jet recording method, and ink cartridge
76 8,474,957 Ink tank and recording apparatus
77 8,474,956 Printing apparatus and ink supply method thereof
78 8,474,951 Liquid ejection head
79 8,474,942 Image correction system and image correction method
80 8,474,941 Inkjet printing apparatus and inkjet printing method
81 8,474,936 Ink jet printing apparatus, ink jet printing method, and data generating apparatus
82 8,474,931 Printing apparatus and pigment ink stirring method