Canon patents granted on 02 June 2009

44 US patents granted on 02 June 2009 and assigned to Canon

1 7,543,165 Network device, power saving mode processing method, storage medium storing computer programs, and programs
2 7,543,153 Digital signature generating apparatus, method, computer program and computer-readable storage medium
3 7,543,082 Operation parameter determination apparatus and method
4 7,543,067 Flexible secure network data transfer and messaging
5 7,543,035 Network that converts data from a first format into a second format for communication, data communication apparatus capable of communication of data in a first format, communication system incorporating all the above, and control method for all the above
6 7,542,711 Image heating device
7 7,542,707 Image forming apparatus
8 7,542,694 Image forming method with image flow suppression feature
9 7,542,692 Image forming apparatus with detecting members for determining when set width is wrong
10 7,542,690 Color image forming apparatus, and program and method of controlling a color image forming apparatus
11 7,542,687 Image forming apparatus and control method of the image forming apparatus
12 7,542,623 Image processing apparatus and method, and computer program and computer-readable storage medium
13 7,542,615 Image area extraction method, image reconstruction method using the extraction result and apparatus thereof
14 7,542,605 Image processing apparatus, control method therefor, and program
15 7,542,573 Providing apparatus, communication device, method, and program
16 7,542,229 Magnetic recording-reproducing apparatus
17 7,542,222 Lens barrel drive apparatus
18 7,542,189 Light scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the light scanning apparatus
19 7,542,187 Image forming apparatus, control method therefor, and computer program
20 7,542,176 Reading/recording apparatus and reading/recording control method
21 7,542,163 Method and apparatus for controlling printing
22 7,542,154 Print control apparatus, print controlling method, and program therefor
23 7,542,141 Stage controller and exposure method in which position of the stage is controlled based on position measurements of first and second laser interferometers
24 7,542,140 Detection method using electromagnetic wave and detection apparatus
25 7,542,082 Method and apparatus for correcting a defective pixel
26 7,542,081 Image input apparatus
27 7,542,078 Image processing apparatus with attribution file containing attribution information of a plurality of image files
28 7,542,076 Image sensing apparatus having a color interpolation unit and image processing method therefor
29 7,542,066 Communication terminal and method for controlling the same
30 7,542,065 Light beam scanning apparatus and controlling method for image forming apparatus
31 7,542,064 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling same
32 7,542,051 Calibration method and apparatus
33 7,542,000 Planar antenna apparatus
34 7,541,739 Display apparatus
35 7,541,617 Radiation image pickup device
36 7,541,595 Electromagnetic radiation detecting apparatus, radiation detecting apparatus, radiation detecting system and laser processing method
37 7,541,591 Radiation imaging apparatus, system and method as well as program
38 7,541,211 Photoelectric conversion device, its manufacturing method, and image pickup device
39 7,540,660 Medical imaging apparatus
40 7,540,586 Recording apparatus and recording method
41 7,540,492 Image forming apparatus
42 7,540,489 Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus
43 7,540,482 Post-processing apparatus, control method therefor, and post-processing system
44 7,540,198 Semiconductor device